That means that it caters to people across the country who do not have a trusted local butcher but really need one. Its beef steaks generally cost between $18 and $34 per pound while more affordable items like ground beef cost about $8 per pound. Please comment in the notes if any allergens, In this box we have no frills, no fuss, just good old fashion homemade beef burgers and large pork sausages for those unexpected BBQ's, All made using the finest west country pork & beef, 2 Wonky Sirloin Steaks or Wonky Rumps (2 x 150g), Chicken Drumsticks (850g-1kg) With Choice Of Flavours, Choice of 4 x 6oz Beef or Pork & Apple Burgers (Frozen). To help you make an informed decision, we will now compare ButcherBox to its various alternatives and see whether its prices are justified by the quality of meat and service provided. Based on everything we have said so far, we can conclude that ButcherBox provides a better price-to-value ratio than many of its alternatives. You can decide whether you want to get the Curated box and let the ButcherBox team choose the cuts for you or build your order on your own with the Custom box. Leave a review of a meal delivery service you tried and help others make the right choice! CLASSIC BOX. Due to the perishable nature of its products, ButcherBox does not accept returns. The Custom box gives you full control over your order. All of our Chicken is local farm assured and fully traceable. All weights are approximate. Therefore, if there are no good butcher shops in your area, ButcherBox is an excellent alternative that can help you get fresh, high-quality meat on a regular basis with zero effort and for a reasonable price. Also look under the poultry section for individual items. You get your add-ons in every box unless you decide otherwise. Top10MealDeliveryServices is a personalized meal delivery choice platform designed to help you discover your next favorite meal delivery in just a few clicks. Butcher Box is a meat delivery service from Boston, MA, offering subscription boxes that contain various types of ingredients, such as ground beef, pork chops, sirloin steak, and naturally-raised whole chicken. Therefore, it is highly similar to ButcherBox in terms of quality. You can choose from over 20 cuts of beef, chicken, and pork, and your box will include anywhere from 9 to 14 pounds of meat. Especially since ButcherBox does offer organic chicken and premium-quality, grass-fed beef and pasture-raised pork. For recurring orders, you can change your box type and CustomBox selections at any time before your billing date. Plus, we offer a range of recurring add-ons and exclusive member deals ... free range organic chicken and heritage breed pork directly to your door. Its product selection does not only include beef, pork, and chicken but also bison, lamb, rabbit, duck, and much more. ButcherBox delivers 100% grass-fed beef, free range organic chicken and heritage breed pork directly to your door. Moink subscription boxes always cost $159, which translates to about $10 to $12 per pound. We also have a range of add-ons and monthly specials available to spice up your box! If you need more food, you can enrich your box with add-ons such as burgers, chicken thighs, and sugar-free bacon. Therefore, an order from US Wellness Meats is more than likely to cost you more than the same product combination at ButcherBox. This box is only available to order for this week, it is not for pre booking. Unlike many other meat delivery services that let you buy whatever you want, whenever you need it, ButcherBox exclusively offers subscription boxes of pre-determined sizes. It contains: Whole Chicken (1.4kg) or Brisket (800g-1kg) or Topside (800g) or  Belly Pork (800g-1kg), Skinless Chicken Breast (2) or Duck Legs Frozen (2) or Pork Steaks (2) or Beef Burgers (4). All our game is wild and from the heart of Devon and the moorlands. We offer a total of 5 box options including 4 curated boxes and our popular Custom Box. Our Special Family Butchers Box Contains: Whole Fresh Chicken (3 x 1.3kg) Mince Beef (5 x 454g) Gammon Steak EU (3 x 2 approx pack size 550g) £ The service offers an impressive range of antibiotic-free, hormone-free premium and convenience cuts and allows you to decide on both the quantity and selection of meat in your box. 100% grass-fed beef. Namely, it only provides: In other words, the quality is always high and there are about 60 different meat cuts and products available at all times. 4 x 8oz (227g) Extra Lean Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast, 4 x 6oz (170g) Extra Lean Beef Burgers (frozen), 2 x 3 Extra Lean Large Pork Sausages (frozen), 4 x 4oz (114g) Extra lean Pork Loin Steaks. To help you get a better sense of what you can expect to get in your ButcherBox delivery, here is an example of a Classic-sized Curated box featuring beef and pork: According to ButcherBox’s calculations, this should be enough for about 24 single-portion meals. of meat, good for around 30 meals, and the Big box comes with 18-26 lbs. We also have a range of add-ons and monthly specials available to spice up your box! With both box sizes, you can customize your order by choosing add-ons that you want to be included together with the cuts handpicked by the company’s butchers. Focusing on the most popular types of meat, ButcherBox has decided to include beef, pork, and chicken into its standard offer. Since these are all items you can find in your ButcherBox delivery and they cost more than $18 per pound on average, it turns out that shopping at a supermarket does not necessarily save you cash. It offers grass-fed beef and lamb and pasture-raised pork and chicken available within monthly subscription boxes weighing 13 to 16 pounds. If you opt for the Curated box, you get pre-selected cuts, but you can decide whether you want to receive: The selection of cuts in your box is always different and depends on availability. Therefore, ButcherBox can help you save tons of cash in shipping costs. Visit our How It Works page to find out more about both options, box sizes, and pricing. $149. Quality homemade sausages made on site using the best local free range pork shoulder and natural casings. Visit our How It Works page to find out more about both options, box sizes, and pricing. The selection includes cuts for a low, slow cook. Unfortunately, this option is not available to everyone. change your box type and CustomBox selections. Each box option comes in the Classic Box size and Big Box size. of meat, which should be enough to cook around 60 individual meals. Quite often, the shipping fee goes up as you buy more meat, so you may end up paying as much as $100 for shipping alone. Having a trusted local butcher is wonderful and if you do, by all means, remain a loyal customer. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. However, a pound of beef at Greensbury can cost anywhere between $16.49 and $37.50, which is much more expensive compared to the price of $10 to $15 per pound at ButcherBox. On top of that, it sources meat straight from trusted farms and its products are always fresher than supermarket meat, not to mention that they are normally of higher quality as well. ... SPECIAL OFFER : Free bacon in your first box. We pride ourselves for our grass fed beef. If you go with the Curated box, the price is always the same no matter which meat type you choose to receive. You’ll have a choice of 5 different box options: The Mixed Box; The Beef & Pork Box; The Beef & Chicken Box; The All Beef Box; Custom Box; And you’ll have a choice of 2 different ButcherBox sizes: Classic Box; Big Box; In the Classic Box, you’ll receive 24 to 30 meals and in the Big Box, you’ll receive 48 to 60 meals.