It is the presence of the Ganga, along with other beliefs, that make Varanasi a holy city. You can find his palace of Bengali style, a few temples and the residence of Madhusudan Sarasvati. Assi Ghat is one of the most significant and a famous ghat of Varanasi for it marks the end of Varanasi Ghats being the last and southernmost one itself. This Ghat is famous for rituals of Prabhasa Turth. This Ghat holds a palace and residential district of the Queen. In total, there are 88 different Ghats in this region. It is said that the soul, which is cremated in this Ghat would attain salvation. You can find special rituals during March/April in the Yogini temple of the Ghat. Situated at the confluence of Ganga and Assi rivers, Assi Ghat finds a mention in numerous ancient Hindu scriptures like Matsya Purana, Agni Purana, Kurma Purana, Padma Purana and Kashi Khanda. 2. Around 300 tourists and locals visit this Ghat, every day. This Ghat has a submerging temple. Today, it is a small well, which is under the control of Kumara swamy Matt. This is the main Ghat of the region. However, it is losing its importance, as time passes by. Around 300 tourists and locals visit this Ghat, every day. The ghats offer themselves as preferred site for performing a variety of religious rituals. Assi Ghat is the southernmost ghat in Varanasi. Today, you can visit the temple only via boat. Assi ghat is the everyone’s preferred ghat located in the south of the Varanasi. This Ghat is said to be made by Lord Brahma for sacrificing ten horses. River Ganges is considered a heavenly demi-God who was sent to earth by God for flourishing civilization. It is said that if one baths in this Ghat along with spouse, there will be problems in the marriage in future. The main tourist attractions of this ghat are the evening Ganges prayer ritual and the boat rides. There is an old wrestling area near this Ghat. Chet Singh lost in the battle in 1781. This Ghat was the place of battle between Chet Singh and Warren Hastings of Britain. I love ASSI ghat. Today, many palaces of this region are star hotels. This Ghat is dedicated to 7th Jain Tirthankara. 10 Days - Golden Triangle Tour with Khajuraho and Varanasi, 14 Days - Rajasthan Agra and Varanasi Tour, One Day Varanasi Local Sightseeing Trip By Car, Varanasi : Day Tour with Guide & Evening Aarti (Worship), 2 Days Varanasi Sightseeing Tour with 3 Star Hotel, Guide & Transfers, 2 Days Varanasi Tour With 4 Star Hotel, Guide & Transfers, Varanasi : Private Village Tour (04 hours), Private Sunrise Walk Tour in Varanasi (02 hours), 20 Most Famous Fairs and Festivals of Varanasi. You'll find Assi Ghat where the Ganges River meets the Assi River at the extreme southern end of the city. Assi Ghat is today one of the most prominent ghats in Varanasi, and thousands of Hindu pilgrims take a holy dip here on important occasions like Grahan, Dussehra, Probodhoni Ekadashi, Makar Sankranti, etc. You can find music concerts and art celebrations here. The Assi Ghat is exclusively decorated during festivals like Mahashivratri, Dusshera, Makar Sankranti and others. According to one mythology Goddess Durga after slaughtering the demons Shumbha and Nishumbha, threw her sword (Khadga) which resulted in the origin of the River Asi, on whose banks this Ghat is situated. There are a few temples around this region. Aarti on the Assi ghats begins at 06:15 to 06:30 AM. This Ghat is the spot where Goddess Durga threw her blood-bathed sword after slaying Shumbha Nishumbha, a demon. It is one of the most influential temples of the region. Legend says that upon slaying the demons Shumbha-Nishumbha, Goddess Durga threw her sword away. Later in 19th century, Prabhu Narayan Singh retrieved the place back. I love ASSI ghat. Manikarnika is the spot where her earring fell.