These IR sensors are placed in such a way that they detect a person entering and leaving the room to turn the home appliances. "�R��D���y{�DpM���������n77�k��d�9ق/���q EB�� �Ό�^T�a4��jCZ��ɦ����F< /��2 about automatic gadget control system which automatically control the room lights using Arduino and PIR sensor. <> This is done by a sensor called Light ANSARI Department of Electrical Engineering School of Engineering Gautam Buddha University Gautam Budh Nagar UP,India ��P�v{����e̢�!���~]H�S������/=3��"Rd��Y�+��o�$��rv�����^/dο�ɷBƺ��#k�f�ƒ%���BH��E�/B?�{��c�Y�����zR����Je� 2 0 obj 3 0 obj Therefore the objective is as follows; 1. <> %���� In This Circuit PIR (Passive infrared ) Sensor Is used which is used as motion Detector. Home Automation with Automatic Room Light Controller Automatic Room Light Controller with a Visitor Counter. ���b^�]g�)�A v->=�.1�nc���Ib�Jw�+�o�K�j�f�؀Q���O A PROJECT REPORT ON AUTOMATIC ROOM LIGHT CONTROLLER WITH VISITOR COUNTER IN THE PARTIAL FULFILMENT OF THE REQUIRMENT FOR THE DEGREE 4 0 obj ښ�ʩ��H�t����H��C�6�ʤ0�4�N�x@��XE�`x1 3i�f; �<0��Y�$�nm��_���>u�"�ѧ�����Ł The main components used in this system are Arduino Uno, PIR sensor and Relay Module. 2 0 obj This Project title " Download Automatic Room Light Control Using Ir Sensor Project Report doc. <> Apart from this, an algorithm can implemented in our system, which uses both the LDR and PIR sensor to decide whether to switch on the light, or not. Automatic Room Lights Controller Using Arduino & PIR Sensor 1. N����$AI9�۴+W#@SH�DZM��&!9��cwUhB��c���1�}�ɄA4;�w�t���� t�&}�V�_��Zv�a�N��%���t[Q[��c�A������Eb=Ny�D�#��g�8��r�bJ��[�VB�%���H崵,������w;y8�v���M�x��*p���l���B��*��=��0���MP��%|�����!7Zm�t���.k��k�Ys��@�M�1ҍm�T!�-� B�p���Z�Z�z��yX��P���*Ij�#`�H@T�ʄ�mϑI��S��>�,�evY %���� Motion Detection using PIR Sensor A PIR or a Passive Infrared Sensor can be used to detect presence of human beings in its proximity. ��Ƃ�=]�(��᫚�Ư�3��)~�/H�&f��Y#ª�L Jx=���#~y�Dz�±�����[G���π�lD���P�o��56�J#�i|P�˅(�U�{C�ԛq)R'Tlpn"j�Q,�.��ˢ"����2K��&��_����K��nI�ٞ]�^lA��Vg@�5�^&�Љ�a�REH��f�߾�=K�)/7������q�TUVU3�d���yr� x� 1 0 obj This system is designed by using two sets of IR transmitters and receivers. <>>> ���rMN��r�`�v?CɄ��f�7����W�'{l���"5k �� �f;#���B��*��'�?��2.�ej����鱥�Z�8. Experimental results show that at <>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/Annots[ 19 0 R] /MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> In fact, the Automatic R… endobj PIR sensor is used to detect the presence of a human. stream ~D[I�F~�L�~#��?��|â �}�o��ww7����`��x 3&�_E&� J�*�c�&i��+�"("�wI�*!M���&}��&��ӰfJ��%Y�Pf���9)�� �J�{z�V:�U�u�-٪g�mEt��a�V� ��p�Er*�Zdͨѵ�Y�V�os��oQd��>�V]�I�09�������? stream D��y�����r2/���$�U&�_�%�[`]�LR+�� Fig -3: Schematic Diagram Microcontroller ATMEGA16A Microcontroller is a single chip that contains the processor (CPU),ROM, EPROM, … 3 0 obj x��=�r9���?�e7ȉV�p�5������̸����ڗ���@�B�T���Y�@�D^8�ً�~uqz��}���������|��ه��?�}�z�|���rus�_mn�?������凧O��(fM֔�O��Y��Y�gU�gr����|v�?=}�q��f�P��⤘oz~�N��~�8�|s�(��?f �g����.N�ܽ�\�����D���ZO*��$�=U�p�]�#1_�,NJsM�G�L(�ܕ����lq��W7h��v]~��ؔ�>����@$����y�+�#P�_��:����*�r�(t^dZ�'IP@����D��/��ϋ����W|ĭ�=��E���\����~�&S� }h!2�j�����a����R�2��qt��Vu�D�|$�֣ U�2+�I�*���r� Advantages Low Cost. Automatic room light controller using microcontroller ATMEGA16A and bidirectional visitor counter controls a room light as well as count the number of individuals entering and leaving the room. �A��&a�,�!����%e���' h�pIX Easy to use. %PDF-1.5 Automatic Room Lights Controller Using Arduino & PIR Sensor 1. �H$��L�%����_p����i�G %���54/�w���_+�_��(� �T�D^±Z�=����4ɟ�G��$�. ��%óXD�w�χ0�v+����]��XE��5Y-o㱌�nG��1��u�F�M�"�Ԇj���MQ'����v�� �J����bC��� �7��R����T�25@@#?e<9�ʉ�z[��1�������gTu��� ��� X� a ! When a individual enter into a room then one counter is incremented by 1 and one light in a ro om will be switched on and when the individual leaves a room counter is decremented by 1. <>>> Automatic Wash Room Light controller using PIR Motion sensor and motion sensor Alarm Circuit using PIR Sensor. 1.2 AIM AND OBJECTIVE The aim of this seminar is to study automatic room light controller with visitors counter. Automatic Room Lights System using Arduino is a very useful project as you need not worry about turning on and off the switches every time you want to turn on the lights. The output can be used to control the light load, alarm, Air conditioner, Fan, door etc. endobj When Any Person, Animal Or Any Object Comes In The Range of the sensor. ELECTRONICS & COMMUNICATION ENGG. Automatic Street Light Control System is a simple yet powerful concept, which uses transistor as a switch. endobj : Hi Friends,How are you ?i hope you are fine.Have you seen Automatic lights on houses and Some offices,its cool right.These stuffs will save power when nobody at in the room and also it will change our home to smart automated home.The reason I came u… M����V�q�Gc7&JT ֠��� <> endobj Discover everything you and automatic light sensor consists of when a pir and also Sources of a reset button above process of persons are discussed several things in day or the counter. PIR sensor is use to detect whether any occupants are there in that room and LDR is used to detect the intensity of light in that room. It automatically switches ON lights when the sunlight goes below the visible region of our eyes. endobj AUTOMATIC ROOM LIGHT CONTROLLER USING MICROCONTROLLER AND VISITOR COUNTER Kimbley1, Rachit Mehrotra2, ... the object to the light sensor. %PDF-1.5 x��Z[s۶~׌�f�B�Xq#�N�����q��ɱ����E[je�G��I~}wA���H'/�L���~���"�ޑ|����$?�D�.���OFL�4Q$�?�Q��i�RD3N�%�w'�W�w�m��EA�w2"���T�ث߲�-�����4�#�̀�ߌp�L��9���1Ԝ�D��'�oNF"�Nf���&3'��{(��0���Snj�ن$4�Z 1 0 obj h�jw����'��׋m������*���}A~��C�ox�����H.�� ���%���m�9���j�C��b���L���+O��eL¬��1�m�iچR�E��a%�C�4��A�Ȗ����$���V���yn�X�LS�� 6�5�qp��K��������΁Ec�mN@5�nc���g�kr�'��~8�{�+� ��cTB����\��c/$�/���7�t�(Pi���),��o��;g�e�jI.���S\��/�Wٟ�c��mMN�n����yþ�ʅ�EP7�X#O? In this way Relay does the operation of “Automatic room light controller”. DIY SIMPLE AUTOMATIC LIGHT USING PIR MOTION SENSOR. By using this system manual works are 100% removed. Out of the three components, the PIR Sensor is the one in focus as it is the main device that helps in detecting humans and human motion. PIR sensor has two different slot which are sensitive to infrared light/energy. <>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 595.44 841.68] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> When number of persons inside the room is zero, lights inside the room is turned off using a relay interface. kĩ�;�����Ќ ��̞��6�}��Y�쯧7���������2Q3m�[��UY=B*�ݖ ���-=[��� 4 0 obj Fig.1Working System 4. �_<>>R���V�Sj]�0:$1���Һ�e����$�Tc *���ߔ�)��'���}6�� �iU=��N$�L Qe����d�?�YZ��p�+_���^���>l�����A���J�q�3x�/h�@�ς��� The main components of the Automatic Room Lights project are Arduino, PIR Sensor and the Relay Module. d��8#ָu���L�0T���-�ʆBcU/�&�~��؁�[切.�+=b���F��,U4}��7��Շ��V�!d'7�E��л&������e�i%1��1�?�l��%��3��V�.���BaI�d1�W�w��9���l�r�(<=��v��=� !�k|�Hw��&bhΨ���6����RC{�i��3�� ��NX�M��n�ն�Ӿ�H|p0��&���M{����A� 7ۼ6�BY�m�]�P[9�|u��*[g�w���}��,M�[�B9n����$�B��޼��Z�K[�`��T����BI=(F������=�� vEd2���N����lp��xfɾ,�Z)�7�vQҀx���޼���t����n_�ªf�_�:i�g���jA�H�N�/�V���(r��c�↲[�>��e��j�� �B�{ů������%�s�����_�\��i��-1�N��;f�Ma��O����{�~�MP ��@�����0�_Q