Study specialized technical articles, electrical guides, and papers. These are not-so-easy, but also not-too-hard questions for you to try to answer and test your electrician skills. Make an Appt. It helps you. The table allows you to take a demand of 36% for question 8. Common Plumbing Questions & Answers. Heating & Cooling. If a single family dwelling unit has 2680 square feet of living space and all of the 120 volt general illumination circuits are rated at 15 amperes, then the minimum number of circuits required is which of the following: A single family dwelling with 2400 square feet of living area has a 120/240 volt three-wire electrical service and contains the following: The total minimum load required for the general illumination, small appliances, and laundry without any demand factors would be which of the following: If a three-phase 75 kVA transformer is connected to the primary at 480 volts and 120/208 volts on the secondary, then the full load current of the transformer secondary would be which of the following: In order to correct the power factor, a three-phase, 480 volt, 92 kVAR capacitor bank located 6 feet from the main service of a 3200 square foot office building has a minimum required ampere rating for the conductors in the capacitor bank of which of the following: In an 8 unit apartment building, each kitchen contains a 3.5 kW 240 volt electric range. At JobTestPrep you will discover a plumbers’ apprentice practice test that includes an analysis of questions and answers, along with a thorough study guide, all geared to your exam success. This allows the water in the tank to continuously flow into the bowl. The minimum neutral current allowed for these loads is which of the following: To prove your electrician skills, your results should be the same as provided answers. So the answer to question 8 should have been 3.5 kW x 8 x 36% = 10.08 kVA. Free Plumbing Exam Questions. “B” is supplied from a three-wire with two ungrounded conductors and one neutral without any metallic water pipe or other metal equipment connections to the building or equipment ground fault protection installed. 10 questions to test your electrician skills, Electrical engineer, programmer and founder of. Let’s test your electrician skills. These are not-so-easy, but also not-too-hard questions for you to try to answer and test your electrician skills. This post answers common plumbing questions for beginners. Service Areas. Plumbing. For that we provide plumbing questions uk real test. The service is a 120/240 volt single phase 3-wire service, and there is an actual connected lighting load of 8500 VA. Well done for covering so much detail in a short article! Each one of these questions is common and the answers can help you with some of the basic plumbing problems that you experience. A - It sounds as if the toilet flush handle gets stuck, causing the tank stopper to stay open. Thank you Ravindran. If you're new to plumbing and want to try a DIY fix then use this will be a great resource! Q - Sometimes when when I flush the toilet it keeps running until I jiggle the handle. 3. Learn about power engineering and HV/MV/LV substations. There are a total of 80 duplex receptacles. Building “A” is supplied with 120/240 volt single-phase power from building “B” on the same property. Brilliant help. Make sure that when doing any project you check to see if it is up to code with the building department, that you take safety precautions, and you … Whether you are a novice in a field of electrical engineering or a professional electrician, these questions will move your brain cells for sure! Great quiz! Tell us what you're thinking... we care about your opinion! 2. I have co-written technical manuals across various industries so may be of some use to you. However, a range calculation is performed using table 220.55. I’d be happy to help you refine your accomplished use of English and comply wth some of our dotty grammar rules! or replacing the flush handle. It must have a minimum size copper equipment grounding conductor in each conduit run of no less than which of the following: A surge arrestor for a 480 volt electrical system requires a connecting conductor that is #14 copper or larger. Passing the plumbing aptitude test is a requirement for entry into an apprenticeship program. A plumber is someone who installs or repairs piping systems, plumbing fixtures and equipment such as water heaters. The content is copyrighted to EEP and may not be reproduced on other websites. Also questions and answers review exams. The demand load for the electric service to the building must include an allowance for the minimum demand load of all of the ranges, which would be which of the following: A retail store has 3000 square feet and 30 feet of show window. usefull guide for students… I would be happy if you would post a topic on transistor H Parameters, Very useful guides articles are published and now where they are available in one place. Service Areas. To check your results, take a peek for answers at the bottom of article. Whether you are a novice in a field of electrical engineering or a professional electrician, these questions will move your brain cells for sure! You are here: Home / Latest Articles / Home Improvement / Top 15 Plumber interview questions & Answers last updated October 3, 2020 / 4 Comments / in Home Improvement / by admin 1) Explain what is the primary step to unclog any blockage in the pipes? Plumber Apprenticeship Test Preparation. NEC articles mentioned in answers you can observe in a free draft version of NEC 2014 //, Reference // Electrician’s Exam Study Guide (Purchase at Amazon). My best wishes. Please direct me to more lessons. Live Chat. 24/7 Service Tap to Call. A fixture with a continuous flow of 2 gpm has the equivalent of _____ drainage fixture units a) 4 b) 3 c) 2 d) 1. I’m very happy to say that this is wonderful site for all electrical and electronic students and engineers .. Las puntas del tester no son las adecuadas para el tablero.en la foto, deben ser clase 3 con puntas proteguidas. PRACTICE PLUMBING LICENSING EXAM (Contains 20 questions timed 1 hour 15 minutes) 1. which of the following fittings are not allowed for use when changing a 3" drain's direction horizontal to horizonatl a) long sweep b) eighth bend c) sixth bend d) quarter bend. For free plumbing exam prep you must go through real exam. Get access to premium HV/MV/LV technical articles, electrical engineering guides, research studies and much more! What should I do? Free plumbing questions and answers pdf to pass plumbing exam prep questions answers & explanations 2020 edition pdf. Given these facts, the total calculated load is which of the following: A project requires the installation of twelve 1.4 ampere, 120 volt, fluorescent lights fixtures on two 20 amp branch circuits, as well as three 120 volt, 5.6 ampere electric fans on individual circuits in a building with a 120/240 single phase three-wire electric service. I scored 6 points on this electricals quizzes… many questions are multiplied per 0.75 k-factor!