In April 2007 a shaped charge had penetrated the underside of the Challenger 2 which blew off one of the drivers legs and caused minor injury to other crewman in the tank. The K2 has never seen a single day of combat and to put it at the very top of your list makes your credibility questionable. Sloped armor is critical, and armor surfaces on every modern tank are heavily sloped, even in the old T-55. The world's top 10 best main battle tanks. The tank uses modular armor which can be taken off and replaced quickly. Most modern tanks today are built for engaging other tanks, hard targets and from firing far away at targets which other vehicles cannot penetrate or see. Armor is thickest on the front of the turret, hull and sides. Like Russian tanks, the Type 10 has a three man crew and uses an autoloader in place of a fourth crewman. While many of these new military creations broke down, roughly on. The most LOL-worthy things the Internet has to offer. A military enthusiast, and creator of Cheaper so affordable to countries with smaller defence budget. In comparison to the other tanks on this list, the Type 10 may be slightly less capable against other main battle tanks but very resistant to handheld antitank weapons like Rocket-Propelled Grenades (RPG). The L55 gun on the K2 is not an advantage. M1A2 SEP. Though the best tank for a country also has to be mentioned. This model weighs over 69 tons thanks in large part to its advanced armor which consists of composites with depleted uranium and graphite. We counted our top 5 analysis based on the combined score of protection, firepower, accuracy and mobility of armored beasts. Bigger, stronger, faster and thus more formidable than its predecessors, the Armata is a completely fresh design. Successor to the legendary M1A2 Abrams, the M1A2 SEP is well armoured, despite its main gun falling short when compared to the Leopard 2A7. The Challenger 2 has seen successes in the invasion of Iraq in 2003. I believe Chinese tanks, which are modern, are based on Russian tanks. The British debuted the first-ever tank during the peak of the first World … The vehicle also has a system which prevents spalling or breaking essentially if it is hit in certain hard points. Combat experience include a range of experiences where for example the Challenger 2 was said to have been hit 70 times by rocket propelled-grenades (RPG) including a MILAN anti-tank missile (According to sources from the BBC) to which it survived and returned to base for repairs in Basra, Iraq. The following list takes a look at 10 of the top-of-the-line tanks in use today. The M829A3 still outperforms the DM-53 round by a considerable margin even with the L55 gun. The Abrams is the F-22 and the Leo 2 the F-35 (or Typhoon). i also fired a chalenger gun, the abrams, all russian series up to T-90. Other than the fact that large IEDs could throw the tracks off the largely heavily armoured vehicle. Like originally started in the first three paragraphs of this article, the Merkava (MBT) is suited mostly for urban environments where other tanks are only set to kill other tanks or take out hard targets. The Challenger 2 uses the newest form of armor known as ‘Chobham armour’ whose composition is highly classified but said to be more than twice the strength of steel. P eople in different countries are very competitive when it comes to deciding the best tank in the world. The K2 combines all of the best characteristics found in Western and Russian tank designs. Like most Western tanks, the Leopard 2A6 uses a 120mm smoothbore main gun which can fire an assortment of projectiles with very high accuracy. Tracked and wheeled designs are factored in from all branches of service (Army, Marines). Though this doesn’t in any way suggest the best tank in the world, just users who believe their favourite tank is the Leopard 2A6. The Type 10 is the newest Japanese tank, entering service in 2012. But I believe in a few years time, when we are out of Afghanistan (Already pulling out of Iraq), we will see a change in the type of warfare for the future. It is said that the vehicles highly classified Chobham armor to which it uses the Dorchester variant is the reasoning behind its successes in wars involving its engagements overseas. Like most Western tanks, armament is a 120mm smoothbore gun which can fire domestically made ammunition or NATO compatible rounds. On September 15th 1916 during the Battle of the Somme, 49 British tanks rumbled slowly across the battlefield toward the German lines. From the original tank designs, such as the Renault FT, to the downright bizarre, such as the Antonov A-40, to the ingenious, like the Hobart’s Funnies, at I Love Tanks, we’ve covered all sorts of tanks.In this post, we take a look at some of the best main battle tanks in the world today… Tora! “Europe is slowly disarming itself, being naive to think there are no treaths. The vehicle maybe one of the most expensive; however, the specification of this vehicle is what ranks it top. every thing has changed and now “cultural attack” is in the run. The tank is armed with a 120 mm rifled (L30A1) main gun. I personally think that armor is the most important factor, second firepower and then mobility. The South Korean made K2 Black Panther. Today, the current version is the Merkava IV armed with a 120mm main gun. When purely looking at combat performance the Abrams is credided number 1. The current analysis is based on technical specifications and available public data. It could become as good if they replace the ERA with passive (which is done in the PIP update) and when they add an urban warfare kit. However it is not in service yet and is only readily available in low numbers. A newer 2A7+ model is currently being tested and marketed with a price estimated of around $12 million per unit. The threat of today has changed from foreign to domestic trouble. One of the most successful tank designs, the Leopard 2 is used by several nations with the 2A6 currently in service with Germany, Canada, Finland, Greece and Portugal. As with most Western tank designs, ammunition is stored in a separate compartment to prevent catastrophic explosions like those witnessed in Soviet/Russian tank designs.