It is indeed the lesser of two evils. Sucralose, erythitol, and processed stevia are a lot better options. What's "alright" by your standards might not be alright for someone else. Courtesy of Stur Water Enhancers. Unflavoured protein powder + your sweetener of choice + cocoa powder + instant powdered coffee or coffee essence +/-vanilla essence= mocha protein powder, 5. In order to help make it a little more palatable, we are featuring some of the best drink mixes and/or water enhancers that promise to bring some life back into your water and ultimately get you back to drinking it on a regular basis. I love Crystal Light! About inducing a cephalic insulin response, it has no to negligible effect. Lately I've been freezing lemon/cucumber/mint and strawberry/lemon juice in ice cube trays and adding that to my water. You are just fooling yourself. I buy the Safeway Compliments brand water flavoring in Fruit Punch (0 cal). Best Electrolyte – Nuun Hydration: Electrolytes. But there is something powerful in avoiding them. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. You see, when it comes to cooking and food, you really don’t NEED any of the stuff most protein powders out there contain. I have added so many different fruits to my water, it's ridiculous. Unflavoured protein powder + your sweetener of choice + instant powdered coffee or coffee essence + vanilla essence = latte protein powder, 4. Suddenly, with only a basic understanding of ingredients, you can create ANY FLAVOR of protein powder you want. I toss a little barley in it too. I’m assuming it’s a non-alcoholic ingredient? You can use natural or ‘artificial’ flavours if you want. It includes time, money, convenience, and many other factors. also, this is going to be weird but i squirt a little in my mouth instead (the acai berry storm tastes like liquid candy) - it quells any remaining bits of 'hunger'/cravings i had and it gives me a quick-energy pick me up (except i did too much last night and since that flavor has caffeine in it, i ended up not falling asleep till 6a.m. If you don't lose weight, you've got a possible cause. Rose water is awesome if you add a tiny amount. Share. I like the powdered Walmart kind (sort of a great value crystal light) with added caffeine—I dilute it by using half a packet in 32 ounces of water (either flat or 16oz sparkling 16oz flat), though, because otherwise it’s too sweet and is more like juice. That's a great idea. acesulfame potassium), you don’t have to ever consume them! A sub for recipes, memes, and support related to low-calorie diets, targeted at people who have low TDEEs. you can’t find them in nature they way you do in a bottle or pack) but they’re an OK low-carb option, in moderation of course. every body is different so see if it helps you get through your fasts. Water-flavored water... Just kidding. They’re still lab-derived and in that sense ‘artificial’ (e.g. Best bottled water overall: Penta Ultra Purified. I'm usually not a big fan of lime or lemon flavored water, but I can try it. Or I just have a cup of herbal tea (with nothing extra adding in to it). Reddit. I’ve heard good things about Mio drops, but haven’t tried them myself because they’re comparatively pricey. Unflavoured protein powder + your sweetener of choice + chicory powder = a somewhat malty-tasting protein powder! Most fast for health, self-discipline and preparation and not for religious reasons. 7. Press J to jump to the feed. I’m having trouble getting over the flavor of tap water and I’ve been drinking too much seltzer lately. If you want to go fully ‘natural’ with your protein powders though, you can sweeten them using whole fruits (dates are amazing! I personally avoid sweeteners so that i can wean myself off my sugar addiction. Those things might be fine if what you want is to add water to your protein shaker, shake it, and end up with a shake. I pour soda stream goo in water for a quick caffeine fix. And since I'm cutting out lots of other delicious flavors in my life (like chocolate, ice cream, bread, pasta, etc), I feel entitled to at least one pleasuring taste a day! For the first time, by eating organic and unprocessed food, my cravings are regulated without going full keto/vegan or some similar heavy duty diets. I just buy the off-brand Crystal Light. Spindrift is by far my favorite sparking water on the market right now. 2. but your mileage may vary so i suggest trying it and seeing how it works for you. I haven't tried these, but they have been on my list of things to do for some time now! Try the pineapple and Kool-Aid grape. Mio doesn't work for me. Both 0 cal. What more can you ask for from bottled water? That’s where our Protein Pow Tree of flavors comes in! Here's our rundown of the best and worst water enhancers (unfortunately there are very few that make the cut! Completely false. So, since I’m totally illiterate in cocktail things, what are bitters? if you're fasting for autophagy purposes, then maybe try your best to do water only and skip the mio; but if you're going for weight loss/changing food habits, i don't think it's too much cause for concern. By Christine Yu. Grab yourself one of the multi-flavor packs and do some testing to find the flavor you prefer. No, it's basically powdered drink mix in a liquid form. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. ): DRINK THIS! Again, this is not going to make your water healthier, but at least it doesn't contain some of the more egregious chemicals found in most other drink squeezers. Close. I don't think I've ever seen one. Those things might be fine if what you want is to add water to your protein shaker, shake it, and end up with a shake. Give me all the bubbles. Also the 4c water enhancer is good if you like green tea or sweet tea they have those options in that. Don't know what those chemical do to my body; maybe they sap my purity of essence.