We had a few nice days of weather last week which allowed us to get out a do some fishing for the first time in a few weeks. Crowsnest River, Alberta, CanadaGrand River - Lower, Ontario, CanadaGrand River - Upper Tailwater, Ontario, CanadaMiramichi River, New Brunswick, Canada, Water temperature at mid-day: 36 Degrees F. Fly fishing hatches in order of importance: Fishing season: Year Round (Prime: July 1 - October 31), Nearest airport: Calgary International Airport, Recommended fly fishing leader: 9 Foot Leader, Recommended fly fishing tippet: 2X Tippet, Best fly fishing rod: 9' 6 Weight Fly Rod, Best floating fly line: WF Trout Fly Line, Best sinking fly line: Class V Sink Tip Fly Line. Saturday was a little warmer than Sunday, so the guides were extra icy on day two. Makhabn is a Peigan tribal name meaning “river where the bow reeds grow.” When settlers began to arrive in the area the river became known as the Bow, although Big Fish River may have been a more appropriate name since this is the reason why the Bow is so famous. * Free domestic Shipping on orders over $200 *. Winston BIII LS 8' 3 wt, Guide to Winter Fly Fishing in Southern Alberta. Bow River Fishing Report. We know that fishing in Oklahoma can be good nearly all year round but the peak time for most species and anglers is March to June, which is when we require reports to be submitted.   How is the Bow fishing? Although the frigid temperatures can sometimes make fishing h, BOW RIVER FISHING REPORT - OCTOBER 3rd, 2019 As we enter the new year and set intentions to fish more than ever in 2020, winter continues to punish us viciously, forcing us to stick to the vise most days, not the mighty Bow. We managed to hit the Bow River this weekend for the first time in 2018 and had some decent success. The Bow river looking upstream from the highway 24 bridge. With last weekend’s decent weather (finally!!) Post current river conditions, hatches and reports. 15, Alberta, Canada T0L, Golden Stonefly, Western Green Drake, Terrestrials. Its hard being the bearer of bad news, but it is bad out there! Fishing conditions the past couple of weeks have been good for this time of the year and that is thanks to the hefty chinook that made its way through Calgary. Powered by NitroSell var sMailingListForm = "

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