Donec feugiat, sem elementum fringilla finibus, nisi ex tincidunt sapien, ac finibus ante elit placerat est. Firstly, it’s worth considering the actual differences between a traditional cyclocross bike and a new school gravel bike. The SuperX isn’t the first bike to show us that a cyclocross bike can also make a handy gravel racer, but it’s a great example of how it can be done well. The integrated seatpost wedge is certainly clean-looking, and the smooth surface makes for one less place for mud to accumulate. At the other end of the bike,  Cannondale have done a lot fiddling to get the rear end tight (422mm) while still keeping room for rubber up to 42mm wide. Aliquam tincidunt, eros a tincidunt varius, mi turpis tristique elit, vel iaculis mi purus non tellus. The frame is much like the barriers it’s made to clear: rigid and purposeful. Drilling down to the key geometry, gravel bikes’ bottom brackets are typically a few millimetres lower, and that’s normally where it stops. You can unsubscribe at any time. To this end, the bike feels nicely stable in fast straights and corners. Interdum et malesuada fames ac ante ipsum primis in faucibus. Here, Cannondale uses its own BB30A bottom bracket standard, but pushed to 83mm wide, a further 10mm wider than what’s used on the company’s CAAD12 and SuperSix Evo road platforms. Joining VeloClub not only supports the work we do, there are some fantastic benefits: Like many trends in the cycling world, the rise of gravel riding has been spearheaded by American brands looking to provide able-bodied equipment for roadies looking to venture (slightly) off-road. And the bike is certainly happiest when the pedals are being pushed with authority, meaning riding a twisting firetrail at 40km/h on a fully rigid bike somehow doesn’t feel frightening. Smearing the post and wedge with carbon grease fixed the slipping issue, but an obnoxious creak remained. For more information about how to do this, and how we hold your data, please see our privacy policy. Mauris eget tempus elit, vel convallis neque. Responsive, balanced handling. The SuperX’s gravel makeover sees it get a bunch of simple spec changes, compared to its CX brethren. Since its release around two years ago, the current incarnation of the Cannondale SuperX has continued the competitive success of its predecessor by being perfectly equipped for the demands of modern cyclocross. The Cannondale SuperX Force 1 SE is the multi-purpose adventure bike that finds its home anywhere you wish. Those handling characteristics that work so well on a ‘cross course convert nicely to riding worn surfaces and negotiating trail obstacles. The front fork features a massive 55mm rake, providing a trail number of 62mm. Thank you for signing up to Cycling News. Unmatched traction, huge mud clearance, and confident \"charge-any-line\" handling make this ultra-light machine the ultimate race rig for today's 'cross courses. Mauris turpis magna, luctus in aliquam sed, vulputate in diam. Measurements Like CyclingTips? They’re not the fastest things, though. The 2019 SuperX SE Force 1 retails for $3,900 and it features the exact same components as the bike this review covers (including the awesome WTB tires). This provides great feedback from what the tyres are doing, and more importantly, what the terrain is doing. The longer frame, lower bottom bracket, slackened head tube, and increased fork rake are all geometry lessons learned through modern trends in mountain bikes, and they play well to this bike, too. With a fair bit of skepticism toward the industry’s wide interpretation of what a gravel bike is, though, tech writer Dave Rome takes a long-term look at the top-end version, the SuperX Force 1 SE. Performance doesn’t come without cost, and the transfer of shock is fatiguing on the body over a longer duration. Compare; Specifications. Duis maximus at dolor at fermentum. There are brakes on the bike such as SRAM Force 1 HRD. The long front end increases stability, while riding. The SuperX SE has its quirks, but as a bike that’s equipped to win either a 'cross or gravel race with just a change of tyres, it’s not only a strong option, but one that’s a whole lot less quirky then Cannondale’s existing Slate gravel platform. Nunc at turpis et lorem maximus tincidunt. Integer consectetur erat et volutpat lacinia. If you find a lower price, email us at [email protected] with documentation of the price. I had recurring issues with a slipping 25.4mm seatpost. Cannondale 2019 Superx Se Force 1; Product was successfully added to your shopping cart. Nunc erat ante, egestas nec tortor at, bibendum egestas velit. Aliquam venenatis rhoncus tellus, ac sollicitudin lectus tempor vitae. The seat post is prone to creaking, and a generous amount of carbon paste was required to silence it where it’s clamped into the frame. However, I'd be remiss to point out that I know six local racers with this bike and not one of them has had the same issue — I'm always okay with being wrong. Donec sodales leo eget nunc mattis vulputate. For example, if you find a bike for $480 that we have listed at $500, we will offer you to buy it for $432 through BikeRide. Certainly one for the performance minded, the SuperX was built for short and hard racing. 0 Review(s) R60,000.00 *Size *Colour * Required Fields. So, no, Cannondale aren’t just cheaping out! The SuperX isn’t the first bike to show us that a cyclocross bike can also make a handy gravel racer, but it’s a great example of how it can be done well. Sed a ipsum libero. The SuperX fits 700 x 40c tires, with additional room for mud to clear. Looks amazing. The company built the Cannondale SuperX SE 105 with Tim Johnson since 2014. Regardless, if you’re keen to ride rougher trails, switching to wider 40c tyres, preferably set up tubeless, is strongly recommended. Quisque vehicula dignissim dui, a finibus felis sollicitudin et. This isn’t a gravel bike meant for sitting up, enjoying the sights, and chatting with your mates, but rather a bike to perform.