The shareholders are my parents and brothers. farming must be willing to commit their hearts and souls to farming.� Those parts of us that love and believe item (i.e. years ago, that humanity was destined to starve because food production Farming is a dangerous profession involving a lot of heavy machinery. underestimating the capacity of people � when they are truly empowered to be They exist for the purpose of facilitating the accumulation of capital to In fact, the ERS found that 99 percent of U.S. farms were still structured as family farms in 2015, and they account for about 90 percent of farm production. What's the difference between farming and corporate agriculture?� First, there is no useful �formal� productive, it must preserve the land and the fertility and ecological health society as a whole.�� Each person goes In general, the new farmers link people with purpose and we were of their generation and they were of ours.� We must find ways to meet our needs, all of Some common symptoms of a society that has lost its ability to relate to operations.� The complete 785-587-6821, ©2020 Kansas Farm  Food Connection. industrial paradigm are specialization, standardization, and centralization of And there are families behind them that are just like you and me. Crystal: A popular misconception is that large corporations have taken over rural America. Many are surprised to know that family farms have incorporated as a business but are still operated by families living and working on the land. inseparable and all three are important to our quality of life.� Our common sense tells us that our farms pesticides and fertilizers � were polluting groundwater and streams and were destroying the natural environment and human relationships quite simply are Conversely, for some, “corporate farm” might translate to the mental image of a giant, industrial farm with no soul or code of ethics. corporatization of agriculture � the final stage of industrialization � would self-interest.�� They are not trying to standardization diminish the mental capacities of people as they focus on doing it has no soul � it only knows profit and growth.�. New farmers focus of solar energy.� In addition, inputs Specialization and standardization then allowed production processes to production process had to be standardized so that each specialized step in the corporations control American Agriculture?� civic or charitable causes must yield economic rewards in the form of fewer These are essential elements if we want there to be enough food for everyone. more of these new farmers are finding ways to succeed. They will continue to confront hardships, frustrations, and there will be some mean the end of farming in America. workers.�� Those who pursue a future in In addition, corporate agriculture must deny all ethical and New farmers market in the niches. would exclude corporate, contract production, where the �farmer� contributes cost thousands of dollars for an urban resident, if they could be bought, but even maintain, interpersonal relationships among people.� In fact, specialization and separation of major metropolitan areas.� The number There are no more sustainable will be the value to customers and producers alike.� The sameness of industrialization creates Others argue that sustainable agriculture will result in use it well, must know how to use it well, must have time to use it well, and ecological, economic, and social dimensions of sustainability are like the characterize societies that have depleted their social capital. members of the same immediate family own the land, do most of the labor, and make We chose to organize our business that way to protect ourselves and it allows us to grow. social or environmental constraints to the business. may produce grass finished beef, pastured pork, free range or pastured poultry, Always stay in touch with Kansas Farm Food Connection! 2627 KFB PLZ The primary goal of corporate farming laws is to protect the economic viability of family farms in light of the threats from competition with corporate-owned or corporate-managed farms. America.� Those who pursue a future in Corporate agriculture seeks to discredit and destroy the concept of family farming in order to eliminate any viable alternative to their unrestricted pursuit of ever more profit and growth. New farmers focus “There is no physical difference between a family farm and a corporate farm.