When you donate clothing, food and other goods to The Bowery Mission, you impact the lives of people struggling with homelessness and poverty in the New York metro area. Donating to a homeless shelter sounds like a great way to help those in need (and it is), but if you’re like most people, you may be unsure of what the best items are to donate. If space allows, our shops can occasionally accept donations of furniture. 155 134 821. It is easy to ignore this message. The National Law Center on Homelessness & Poverty currently estimates at least 2.5 to 3.5 million Americans sleep in shelters, transitional housing, and public places not meant for human habitation each year. With so many obstacles faced, the need for these items is likely greater for a homeless person. Your support helps us tell the true story of this crisis and solutions that will end it. Our original reporting — posted five to seven days a week — can also be found on Apple News and Google News. Throw in shaving cream as well, if you have it. Shelters try hard to fill the gaps for people experiencing homelessness, from providing a place to sleep out of the cold to meals to basic hygiene items to clothing. • Diapers and formula: Family shelters serve a wide range of ages, from infants through older adults. If you donate three or more items at a time, shipping is free. Many homeless people walk miles per day in order to survive, leaving their socks threadbare and damp. Organizations like the Salvation Army use clothing and goods donations to support programming. A gift of $5 helps 25 people, $20 helps 100 people and $100 helps 500 people. You can support St Mungo's when you shop online, I want to help end homelessness by donating, Coronavirus and homelessness: how to help during the pandemic, What to do if you are homeless, rough sleeping or in a housing crisis. Lastly, remember monetary donations not only help provide needed items, but also help provide counseling and employment services. Diapers (from newborn all the way through toddler — or overnight-size) and formula help keep their smallest clientele well taken care of. They are the real experts, passionate about ending homelessness. Even minor injuries like cuts and scrapes run the risk of getting infected, and the risks grows exponentially when considering the sanitary concerns that are coupled with being homeless. Los Angeles, CA 90046. You’ll either need to notify the collection site that you’re donating on a shelter’s behalf or you’ll need to collect a donation receipt and provide it to the shelter so they can get credit. It’s heartbreaking but babies can be homeless as well. Your donation, big or small, will help bring real change. Find out how in “A New Type of Workplace Fundraiser.”. If you contact shelters first, they’ll provide a list of items that their homeless guests actually need. Some people who live in shelters still have access to their cars, so gas gift cards can help them go to appointments or apartment viewings. Support on what to do if you are homeless, rough sleeping or in a housing crisis. If you are inclined, you can give socks directly to those in need. Here are some ideas: Receive new and helpful articles weekly. Through storytelling, education, news, and advocacy, we are changing the narrative on homelessness. Want to do something meaningful right away? This site is made possible by generous support from individuals and HanesBrands. Sometimes all it takes is a little paint or deep cleaning to make something look nearly new again. Have a question about domestic violence? Travel shampoos, soaps and lotions are ideal as they can be distributed to individuals. Check your local shelters’ wish lists where you can find exactly what they’re in need of, and send them those items in just a few clicks. Oftentimes, family shelters scramble to find an alternative distribution for an overabundance of donated toys. But their budgets are razor-thin, and they need assistance from donors. It could be as simple as collaborating with a few people at the office to set up a bake sale, or creating candygrams with your kid’s classroom (a printed card with a lollipop or wrapped candy does the trick), with donations going to help your selected shelter.