The most basic turn 1 play for the deck is set Winda pass, a self-explanatory first move that relies on Winda’s exceptional floating capabilities to provide a sturdy defense whilst simultaneously setting up the board for the following turn: What you float with using Winda is entirely situational, but here I will explain some of the most common scenarios and what to float into using Winda, but it is important to stress that you must use your own judgement to determine the most appropriate card for the variety of situations you will find yourself in. If you banish Beginning and Evening Twilight Knight from your Graveyard to add Envoy of Chaos from your Graveyard to your hand or to Special Summon Chaos Sorcerer, then they will allow you to search 1 Ritual Spell and 1 Ritual Monster respectively. When going first, setting cosmic is a great way to potentially end the duel quickly, by chaining cosmic to Circle’s activation the search effect of Circle will not resolve, this is because for the effects of continuous spells and traps to resolve they need to remain on the field, as such you can interrupt their search, get rid of their circle, and potentially critically disrupt their core combo. Sealed Tombs is once again a fantastic skill in this match-up, by activating it you can stop their, A great side deck choice for this deck is, Be ever careful however of the triple mask change OTK, as well as the possibility of the Hero player having, This match is one of the more coin-flippy match-ups, there really isn’t much Ritual Beasts can do if they go first against full combo BW ending in either an. Since the February 2020 ban-list, which saw the core card of the deck, Ritual Beast Tamer Elder semi-limited, Ritual Beasts were initially discounted by many, however in spite of this devastating hit to the deck it has managed to persevere, and remains a frequent contender in the meta to this day, continuing to top tournaments and will likely continue to do so for many days to come! As mentioned above, Cannahawks banish effect “refreshes” if it leaves the field and returns, and as such if it is used as material for a contact fusion, and is then special summoned by the tag-out effect of an Ulti-Ritual Beast, it will allow you to banish another Ritual Beast card from your deck. Greetings, my name is Acier and I am the author of this guide to Ritual Beasts. a) If no fodder exists for Pettlephin in hand: Pettlephin fodder (any Spiritual Beast or Ritual Beast Tamer of a name not included in the banished pile) - Bond (or more fodder if needed) Use Cannahawk to banish Pettlephin and contact fuse into any RB extra deck monster, Immediately tag-out into Elder+Pettlephin and use Pettlephin to banish Winda/Lara from the hand, contact fuse into Ulti-Cannahawk. When trying to OTK: Pettlephin - Elder: If the opponent destroys Winda, the most common and usually the most correct play is to simply float Winda into another Winda if the opponent has further methods of removal or battle destruction, this is to thin the deck and reduce the possibility of the opponent OTK-ing you. This card can be used to Ritual Summon any "Bluck Luster Soldier" Ritual Monster from your hand or Graveyard. This match-up is fairly favorable for Ritual Beasts now with the recent ban-list and the switch to the skill Shadow Game, and will be determined by how efficiently each player manages to play the grind game and how fast each player can make their plays; this is easily one of the longest and most boring match-ups in the meta right now but is very winnable for both players and will depend on tech choices and skillful yet efficient plays swinging the game in their favor. With the addition of a second extra deck slot and the fall of the prior best skill for RB’s in Shadow Game, Ulti-Pettlephins utility has dramatically improved by being a prime target for Spiritual Beast Rampengu; previously, if Rampengu was used to send Ulti-Pettlephin to thegraveyard, you had lost access to him for the rest of the game, meaning it was only used when you be sure that you could OTK the opponent, and you were horribly punished if that OTK failed. b) If fodder already exists for Pettlephin in hand: Return - Bond, When trying to out-resource the opponent: Pettlephin - Elder - Apelio (If already banished, search Return) - Winda, If Pettlephin is already banished: Apelio - Elder - Return - Bond, If Apelio is already in hand: Rampengu - Elder - Return - Bond, Ritual Beasts have a bad match-up against Karakuri, their ability to flood the board with ease is more than enough for them to power through the most standard RB play of “Set Winda pass”, and if that wasn’t enough Karakuri have easy access to, Karakuri also have the ability to heavily punish you if you try and use.