Hey, kitty. Did you give up on that crazy plan of yours? - Yours, yours. Thank you. You're the man, Wally. What? Hold on a minute. Odie, if you please. It's gonna be a long drive. I think Garfield learned his lesson. Oh, Wally. We have a concertina to build. Where are you going, Arlene? Good morning. Arlene. A smart dog would hide it from the prop boy. Waldo and Sheila are on their own now that Shecky is in the comic strips. Garfield finds an article in the newspaper asking people to audition and replace Garfield. Walter, let's go. An existential chicken wouldn't have to cross the road... ...if he didn't perceive a road, Walter. I think it was a pretty good movie for the target audience. In the next shot, she's serving sandwiches. Hey, they do kind of look like them. Say, are you gonna finish that fish? Today was just our first day in the real world. I prefer to think of it as pensive. See you in the morning. And, since this is the first in this trilogy, the animation does go behind-the-scenes process from the Cartoon World to the Real World (Indianapolis, IN, but the name wasn't heard. "We're fishing for pizza?" This was the first fully animated Garfield production since the last Garfield and Friends TV episode aired in 1994, and the first to be written by Davis since the 1991 television special Garfield Gets a Life. You'll have to excuse the mess. Can Jon do my lines today? Good luck getting back into the paper. Just trying to help. - Right. User Ratings Having been a huge fan of the comic strip for years I was delighted to see that someone made a movie faithful to the source material. Odie? Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. There they are. No, don't do it. That's a wrap, people. - What about it? Fear not gents... ...we can ride through the flames in this trash cart. Not good at all. What say we go to the park for a little dumpster diving... ...before the trash collectors show up? Be quiet. Goody, goody. Release Date(s) is a 2007 CGI film that stars the titular fat orange cat. - Morning, guys. Hi. The movie was released in cinemas August 9, 2007, and the DVD was shipped to stores on November 20, 2007. - Why don't you sit in the back, Odie? Odie? As they chat, Odie is chased by a gang of chihuahuas who want his bone. Well, great. Attention, Eli. Forceful. I need people with tools. And bringing Shecky along also changed the real world because it was Shecky that did everything so that his friends could eat. Though in my opinion it's not as good as the live action movies, it's still enjoyable and fun. Thank you. Today I need Garfield and Odie. I gave the cleaning lady the week off. Thank you. Nothing's working. Tomorrow will be a better day. Billy Bear pushes the cart and jumps in too and they go down the staircase. You're the man. I realize that Garfield was something that has not held up as an adult. Garfield and the gang work at Comic studios with other comic characters. And you hate Mondays M to the "ondays" You hate them You hate them, yeah Not as much as I hate you, Nermal. Sure, whatever. Wally, are you there? This is a Garfield movie done right. - Who are these guys? Odie? Oh, and the elevator is temporarily out of service. Luckily, Shecky finds a fire-proof trash cart, and Jon, Wally, Odie, Garfield and Shecky jump in and Billy Bear is about to push the cart when Odie realizes his bone is missing and finds the bone lying on a chandelier and Odie jumps onto the chandelier. It currently holds 39/100 rating on Metacritic. Me? I don't think so. The main plot doesn't even appear until 24 minutes into the whole movie and for a film that's fairly short, that's a bad idea. Hey, Odie. Buckle up, kids. Garfield lives with canine Odie and Jon in a what appears to be a suburban town inhabited by cartoon characters within the Comic Strip World. - Not good. good for the kids,but has some scary looking characters, Avoid this or any other GCI Garfield movie. Oh, yes. - Is that a trick question? All kinds of good stuff. Oh, no. And, my fave, the party blowout. It was produced by Paws, Inc. in cooperation with Davis Entertainment, and The Animation Picture Company and distributed by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment. - Yours. Sid, Bobby, Eric, Mike here. There you go, puppy. Garfield grabs Odie's paw on the second floor and tries to pull him onto the cart, but Odie pulls Garfield onto the chandelier instead. They're toast. A whoopee cushion. Shecky finally made it big in entertainment. - No, really, they're gonna rescue us. Get in the back, Nermal. You got it, Garfield. - I'm two. Garfield is a philosophical, furry fat man originally intended by our disgruntled, coffee-slugging adults. Julia Kolakowska. Garfield. Garfield sees his chance to go to The Real World (and eat the hot dogs opposite the newsstand) and goes through the screen without anyone noticing. Mark A.Z. It was written by Garfield's creator Jim Davis, who started working on the script in the autumn of 1996. I love you, Garfield. When Garfield wakes up, he keeps mentioning that it is Monday, but when the newspaper goes to print it says that it is Thursday. The comic strip is made in Comic Strip World, and sent to "The Real World" where it is made in the newspaper. Two. We should have found a buffet by now. Hot!" This page was last edited on 31 October 2020, at 22:27. Sleep well. Gregg Berger reprises his role as Odie. - Funny, in a sad sort of way. I'm going to join Garfield. - I can't believe this is happening. Come on over. Good luck at the newspaper contest. Garfield Gets Real (also known as Garfield 3D in some regions) is a 2007 American CGI movie starring Garfield. These boys are positive, appealing... ...and can generate massive licensing income for your newspaper. The people who are trying to sleep get annoyed and they start throwing leftover foods at him. Is that coffee? ", "I Don't Know" and "Right". I like the byplay between Bonita and Walter culminating in Walter being forceful with her and her liking it. How are we going to have a funny comic strip without our star? Shecky, let's not keep my fans waiting. It's all your fault, traitor. - Yeah. Garfield. ... Good morning, Garfield. Need a lift? A fan. Hey, all right. I read you all the time. 7/10. This is where we come for dinner and a show. Follow Garfield behind the scenes in Cartoon World where he grows bored with his life as a … Garfield too. Everyone to the screen. Pre-teens and up will find little to no enjoyment while sitting through this, but overall it's not the most unbearable thing your child can make you sit through. Eli, look over at the hot dogs and zoom in. Hey, Dagwood. - What do you mean? Later that night, Garfield and Odie return to Hotel Muncie. It's upsetting to watch them take something I liked as a kid and dumb it down so far. Monday. Photos of the Garfield Gets Real (Movie) voice actors. These two can have your fat, lazy readers... ...dieting and exercising in no time flat. Tempus fugit, people. Audrey Wasilewski is the voice of Arlene in Garfield Gets Real. It was produced by Paws Inc. in cooperation with Davis Entertainment. Distributed by We're toast. He has been doing comic strips everyday since 1978 and he "forgets" that Garfield does not do the comics himself, live in a real place and does not say a word.