There will always be a pedestrian crossing location across the highway at two or more locations. For more information about eligibility criteria and participation fees, visit the Minnesota Logos franchise webpage. For tall vehicle routes, see Part 2. View map of Rush Creek Regional Trail underpass >, View the interactive map for development projects >. Use these links to jump to different parts of the virtual open house. Construction may also be viewed on the Ontario 511 Interactive Map. Yes, there’s a lot of information! During construction (2022-2023), travel will be challenging at times. Welcome! Consider carpooling, public transit, or working from home if possible. Height restrictions will be in effect for Thurston Avenue and Fairoak Avenue during some construction stages. The official feedback period for the virtual open house ends November 6, 2020. 612-398-1432. Highway 169/101st Avenue Interchange project construction. Provide an opportunity to submit questions to the project team. [CDATA[ var GOVDSNIPPET = function() { var form = document.getElementById('GD-snippet-form'); var typeSelect = form.getElementsByTagName('select')[0]; var getStyleType = function(type) { return typeSelect.value === type ? These locations will have pedestrian signing and pavement markings. Street overlays with other improvements (MSA). In 2021, the city is planning to complete the segment along the South side of 63rd Avenue from West Broadway to Boone Avenue that will upgrade the existing five foot sidewalk to an eight foot wide bituminous trail. Crews will spend two weeks fixing the Rockford Road bridge that crosses over Highway 169 and connects the two suburbs. The two project sites are located in Brooklyn Park on Mississippi Ln. The project will also extend the trail along the North side to Noble Parkway. The comment period closed on Nov. 6, 2020, but all materials presented remain available. Brooklyn Park is reconstructing the roadways on Shingle Creek Drive between Candlewood Drive and Hampshire Avenue with some utility reconstruction. 'block' : 'none'; }; var toggleType = function() { form.getElementsByTagName('li')[2].style.display = getStyleType('email'); form.getElementsByTagName('li')[1].style.display = getStyleType('phone'); }; if (typeSelect.addEventListener) { typeSelect.addEventListener('change', toggleType); } else if (typeSelect.attachEvent) { typeSelect.attachEvent('onchange', toggleType); } }(); //]]>. Eligible service categories are defined by the Federal Highway Administration as being limited to gas, food, lodging, camping, attractions, and 24-hour pharmacies. You can also download this overview of the construction schedule. This virtual open house includes a short, pre-recorded presentation and materials to review. Start date. Drivers in that area should prepare for possible delays and allow extra time on their commute. Visit MnDOT’s Highway 252 study >Hennepin County open house materials (Aug. 2019) >, Bottineau Boulevard (County Road 81) roadway reconstruction. The project also includes the possible implementation of a managed (MnPass) lane from TH 610 to 4th Street in Minneapolis. The official feedback period for the virtual open house ends November 6, 2020. The construction temporarily impacted businesses in the area, but now traffic flow is better, the span is wider and bridge capacity is higher than the old one. MnDOT started a road construction project in New Hope and Plymouth on Monday. Thanks to all who participated in the Virtual Open House. Reconstruction of the segment of Bottineau Boulevard (County Road 81) between West Broadway Avenue and Brooklyn Boulevard was substantially completed in 2019. The image below shows an overview of the project – please click to enlarge. The information here will be available throughout the project, but we ask that you submit comments and questions related to this virtual open house no later than November 6, 2020. Bolton & Menk, Inc. This short video (7 minutes) provides an overview of the U.S. Highway 10/169 Improvement Project and adjacent projects. Site developed and maintained by: Bolton & Menk, Inc. | © 2018, MnDOT Rum Bridge Replacement & Corridor Improvement Project, Download all access maps for tall vehicles, Overview: Height restriction timing during construction stages, overview of highway crossing locations for pedestrians, Presentation to Anoka City Council about construction staging, Highway 10 Rum River Bridge Replacement & Corridor Improvement Project, Hwy 10 Rum River Bridge Replacement and Corridor Improvement Project, Hwy 47/Ferry St and BNSF Railroad Crossing Study, Highway 47 and Bunker Lake Boulevard (County Road 116) Intersection Improvements, 7th Avenue Reconstruction (from Hwy 10 to Bunker Lake Blvd). Copyright © 2020 Northwest Community Television, Web Design and Development by CEL Marketing PR Design and, In 2019 crews finished construction of a new bridge over I-494. If you have project questions, please call the project hotline at 612-398-1432 or email Oct 16th 2020 - 3am. “Week in Review” video links, and programming previews. The City of Brooklyn Park is currently working with the Three Rivers Park District and Hennepin Couty to acquire the necessary funding to construct a trail underpass at Winnetka Avenue. (3 minutes). The image below highlights the major construction components. This work will also include upgrading the pedestrian ramps at the intersection to meet ADA standards. The new bridge is safer and has extra turn lanes on Rockford Road which reduces traffic. Work is progressing on the TH169/101st Avenue interchange project with MnDOT. The City Council recently ordered this project with the intentions of improving pedestrian connections and safety and lowering vehicular speeds along 93rd Avenue. Don’t forget to subscribe to project updates. Videos about the U.S. Hwy 10/169 Improvement Project: This portion of the Virtual Open House ended on November 6, 2020. Spring 2020. End date. MnDOT has advanced their planned bridge re-decking project to the 2023 time frame and the agencies are working toward retrofitting the appropriate trail accommodations with this project. The U.S. Highway 10/169 Improvement Project will be constructed in 6 stages beginning in 2022 and ending in 2023. MnDOT will also close the northbound and southbound ramps from Highway 169 to Rockford Road during construction. Groundbreaking for U.S. 169 project celebrated at Welda . During construction, pedestrians (“peds”), bicyclists and other non-motorized users should cross Highway 10/169 only at designated pedestrian crossings.