The system will initially display “Entering programming mode”. Slide the control panel onto the mounting base locking tabs. Initial Download: Enter Installer Code + # + 5. Depending on the nature of the fire and/or location of the smoke detectors, the detector, even if it operates as anticipated, may not provide sufficient warning to allow all occupants to escape in time to prevent injury or death. Conducting this test with your hand wrapped around the transmitter will cause inaccurate results. See the Remote Programming/Control (Downloading) section. It provides an instant alarm if the entry/exit zone is not violated first, and protects an area in the event an intruder has hidden on the premises before the system is armed, or gains access to the premises through an unprotected area. /TT2 11 0 R Two beeps will sound after the second transmission of the BR type device or the fourth transmission of the RF or UR type device confirming that the loop number and serial number have been learned. Test Restore Report Code (See notes above) If no serial is stored in the buffer and a copy is attempted the panel will emit a long beep indicating an invalid operation. Honeywell BW Solo User Manual . << [6] = advance to the VOICE DESCRIPTOR prompt (1C). If expanded or 4+2 reporting is selected, 2nd digit is automatically sent as the 2nd digit of the zone alarm report code programmed in field 656. ** Or at Disarming (which ever occurs earlier), SIA ZT 16 must be used in SIA fire applications. Battery Part Number LYNXRCHKIT-SC LYNXRCHKIT-HC LYNXRCHKIT-SHA Battery StandbyTime 4-hours (minimum) 24-hours (minimum) 24-hours (minimum) Low Battery Notification Approximately 1-hour before battery depletion At least 1-hour before battery depletion At least 1-hour before battery depletion. DIALER PROGRAMMING (640–650) Fields 640, 641, 642: Enter up to the number of digits shown. Data Field Descriptions If an answering machine is on the premises, you need to dial the premises and hang up on the first ring. ; #, 6, pause may not be allowed, or phone number extensions may not be dialed, etc) depending on the service provider. A Trouble Report will be sent if a zone goes into trouble. Data Field Descriptions 2. Notify the central station when all tests are finished, and verify results with them. Enter the input type for the transmitter assigned to this zone. 4d. Operator Commands The Central Station operator begins the session, which last 5 minutes, by entering one of the valid AAV commands shown in the table below. SELECTIONS Primary Secondary, See choices below See choices below 0 = 3+1; 4+1 ADEMCO Low Speed Standard 1 = 3+1; 4+1 Radionics Standard 2 = 4+2 ADEMCO Low Speed Standard 3 = 4+2 Radionics Standard 5 = ADEMCO Contact ID® Reporting with 10-digit subscriber account number 6 = 4+2 ADEMCO Express 7 = ADEMCO Contact ID® Reporting with 4-digit subscriber account number 8 = 3+1; 4+1 ADEMCO Low Speed Expanded 9 = 3+1; 4+1 Radionics Expanded, Split/Dual Reporting Audible Exit Warning/Quick Exit Start by Zone Type or System Operation If a system operation, such as “DISARMING” or “ANY FIRE ALARM,” is to activate the device, the appropriate choice would also be entered under the “ZONE TYPE” option. Note: If using pulse dialing, you must enter the numbers slowly in order to allow the pulse dialer time to operate. 48 PRI/SEC REP FRMT PRI/SEC I’ve switch off but doesn’t seem to do anything. • TROUBLE - Device activates upon any trouble condition in an assigned zone in the zone list. 85dB SIREN DISABLE SWITCH 5. Field 668 & 669 are always enabled however, a report code can be entered if reporting formats other than Contact ID ® are used. The keypad will display all zone numbers, which have a non-zero Zone Type (even if serial numbers were not learned yet). Low battery message on keypad. Appears when the system is communicating with the central station for change of function or status verification. The control replaces the selection with the default value, which is displayed on the keypad, and advances to the next field. No restore message will be sent under any of these conditions,.