“The Prime Minister is developing a national housing strategy.”. And this: Does Canada even need an honours system? However, the only punishment the advisory council can issue is removal from the Order of Canada. for 33 years, long enough to set a Guinness Book World record for his consistent onscreen appearances on the show over the years. Once a woman is nominated, however, she has a 74 per cent chance of appointment, compared to 60 per cent for a man. Closed Captioning and Described Video is available for many CBC shows offered on CBC Gem. From 1997 until his appointment as Governor General in 2011 David Johnston held a substantive appointment as a Companion. “Somewhere, people at that level are honouring and respecting me, but really, for me, it’s all about the issues.”. If not, you can do a small estate affidavit and return the check to have it made out to you. ", "Conrad Black to renounce Canadian citizenship", "Conrad Black charged with 8 counts of fraud", "Conrad Black could be stripped of Order of Canada", "Conrad Black loses Order of Canada hearing bid", "Conrad Black keeps fighting to make personal plea to keep Order of Canada", "Conrad Black will resign Order of Canada rather than have it terminated", "Conrad Black stripped of Order of Canada", "Conrad Black: I renounced Order of Canada last year", "Ranjit Kumar Chandra, O.C., M.D., D.Sc., F.R.C.P. At the time of Ranjit Chandra's removal from the Order of Canada in 2015, there have been six other invididuals who were removed from the order. Wayne Gretzky paid a visit to Ottawa Wednesday, to receive his Order of Canada insignia. Media magnate Conrad Black, Baron Black of Crossharbour, was the only non-honorary member of the Order of Canada who did not hold Canadian citizenship. "[2], In June 2003, Ahenakew was formally charged by the Saskatchewan justice department with willingly promoting hatred. [3] The longest delay between appointment and investiture was the 23-year delay of W. Bruce Hutchison. As of 2016, seven people have been removed from the Order of Canada: Alan Eagleson, David Ahenakew, T. Sher Singh, Steve Fonyo, Garth Drabinsky, Conrad Black, and Ranjit Chandra. There is no rule that Order of Canada members cannot be inducted to any of the Canadian provincial or territorial orders. At this point, although married to a Canadian, Zena was awarded an honorary Order of Canada in 1981, due to her being a British subject via her Guyanese citizenship. Her appointment was delayed because she was not a Canadian citizen. [11] Investitures can also be delayed, such as in the case of Wayne Gretzky, who was appointed to the grade of Officer in 1984 for his outstanding contributions to the game of hockey. [6], In January 1998, Eagleson pleaded guilty to three counts of mail fraud in the US. To order copies of Further, in the same vein as prime ministers being appointed after leaving office, every Chief Justice of Canada from Robert Taschereau onward has been made a Companion. "[5], A member of the order can be removed for being convicted of a criminal offense,[5] or if the conduct of the person deviates significantly from recognized standards and is seen as undermining the credibility, integrity, or relevance of the order.[5]. The Order recognizes people in all sectors of Canadian society. [5], The secretary general will send a registered letter to the removal-nominee that allegations were filed against them and their status in the Order of Canada is under consideration by the advisory council. When Dr. Henry Morgentaler was appointed a member of the Order of Canada, Maurice Vellacott, a Conservative member of Parliament known for his pro-life views, told The Globe and Mail, "There are so many deserving Canadians, there was no need to choose somebody like Dr. Engaged citizens making a difference through an exceptional deed. The Order is tiered, comprising, in descending order, companions, officers and members. Several staff were not on site at this time and found refuge with the Canadian diplomatic contingent, the now famous Canadian Caper. [52], At times, people resign from the order following a significant personal scandal. Media baron Conrad Black was made an Officer of the Order of Canada in 1990. Since the only consideration is merit, Ms. DeMarsico said, the council isn't tasked with rectifying imbalances. [2] The oldest person ever to be invested into the order was Cornelius Wiebe, who was 106 years old at the time of his investiture in 1999.[3]. [5], The advisory council now has the decision to either continue or to stop the removal process. [47] Chauvin's decision to resign from the order was also directly attributed by media reports to the decision to induct Morgentaler. And although the Order has considerable profile, its inner workings are somewhat of a mystery to Canadians wondering how and why recipients are chosen. When the Order of Newfoundland and Labrador was created in 2001, it included a removal system modelled after that one used by the Order of Canada. It is part of an offender’s sentence and can be a stand-alone order or part of a probation order or conditional sentence. "This is the country saying 'thank you.' "We think that's because a woman has to be so great to be nominated in the first place," Ms. DeMarsico said. All The first person "removed" from the order was considered by historian Christopher McCreery as more of a transfer of status than a removal. Born in Montreal in 1963, Jean-Marc Vallée has directed and produced noted films such as C.R.A.Z.Y. The award is “merit-based, apolitical and accessible,” said a spokesperson from the Rideau Hall press office. Jim Cuddy, Greg Keelor: The two musicians became friends in high school but didn't decide to start a band till after university, when their friends were getting real jobs. [5] When a member dies, the post-nominal letters may still be affixed to their name and their family may keep the insignia as family heirlooms. However, as the ceremonies always conflicted with his hockey schedule, it was not until over 13 years, and two governors general, later that Gretzky could personally be invested into the order. However, Grierson died one day before his appointment could be finalized. The most notable (and perhaps most successful) was Zena Sheardown, the first honorary appointment to the Order. At great personal risk, the Sheardowns personally housed four Americans in their home for months until they could be safely removed from the country. Order of Canada. [12], David Ahenakew was appointed to the grade of Member in December 1978 for his longtime "service to Indians and Métis in Saskatchewan culminated in his election as Chief of the Federation of Saskatchewan Indians, which has revolutionized Indian education in his province.