At that point, you can style your extensions as normal. All you will need is a pot and some Silicon Mix. Alternatively, attach the internal wig straps to a coat hanger clip and hang your wig inside out. Apply Light Silk Spray as a mist for light coverage. The silicone protects the fibers from friction and helps extend the wear of my hair. The process is quite easy. All Rights Reserved. Washing your wig will doubtlessly cause some shedding and slight loss of density, no matter how gentle you are. Heather here. But because Simply Stylin’ is made of pure silicones, the effect is even greater. Simply apply Silk or Light Silk Spray regularly to the hair before combing or brushing to strengthen the hair against damage. This allows the mixture to remain very light in a formulation that can be sprayed very simply. The cost of the product is cheap too. We recommend Remysoft Bluemax Refresher and Silicon Mix Bambu for use on synthetic wigs – available in the UK from Amazon and Ebay. of reviewers would recommend this product to a friend, Open user-uploaded video and review in a modal. Our special mixtures of silicones act as a shield that prevents heat, humidity and other environmental concerns from affecting your hair. (Just remember to use sparingly!). Gently comb or finger brush synthetic hair extensions into place. The Hair Boiling Method: The Ultimate Restoration for Hair Extensions, Best Sew-in Weave Techniques You Should Know, Our $100,000 Pledge! Put a few towels under the form to catch the drips. boxes or outside of the continental United States. Acceptable. These specialist styling brushes tend to cause static and frizz or feature harsher bristles that may weaken or even break synthetic hair strands. But it just works for some people. It’s been a few years since the miracle ‘silicon spray’ was discovered by lovers of human hair extensions. Again, make sure all pieces of the extensions are soaking. This product is silicon based, and will make the hairs a bit more slippery and easy to comb. Not. Apply to hair after cleansing and comb through gently to detangle. Revive Synthetic Hair with This Super-Cheap Product. - (Check this out - the company wrote this part and it echoes what I have been saying forever!). Throwing the hairpiece into a draw, over a mirror, onto a shelf or on your bedroom floor (eeek! I knew someone who bought a $12 synthetic wig and of course, it didn’t last longer than two seconds, but they were able to revive it by boiling it. Hi! Our extensions should go through that same process. Spray a good coat of wig sheen spray over the fibers once the wig is dry. Lighter spray version of Simply Stylin’ Silk. Now well known for adding a glorious, ‘like new’ texture and sheen to clip in wefts, this wonder product has the same effect on synthetic hair. I was playing with an older topper a few weeks ago and was thinking how horribly CRUNCHY it was (like, I could squeeze it and I could hair the hair strands grinding together, it was THAT dry), and I remembered the Silicon Mix Bambu Treatment and thought… why the heck not? Work on small sections at a time. Use the wide-toothed comb to groom a curly, short piece as well, reshaping the curls around your fingers as you go. Oh, you didn’t think this hair care method only worked on human hair, did you (Check out this article: human hair wig care)? This method allows people to get their money's worth. Pure silicone treatment spray for synthetic and human hair wigs. Synthetic hair contributes to wigs, hairpieces, and extensions at a low cost. What do you think about the boiling method? With the boiling method, you will be able to. Careless and hurried brushing increases the chances of inadvertently damaging your wig. (Again, this stuff is POTENT. Use the wide-toothed comb if your wig is a straight or wavy style and, starting at the bottom, gently begin to comb. Your pot size should depend on how big your extensions are. Don’t Wash Your Wig (Unless It’s Absolutely Necessary). (NOTE: A little of this goes a loooooong way. It’s now used to restore your extensions, giving it loads of shine and moisture all while conditioning it. The wrong styling tool will cause excess shedding and can even encourage the formation of knots. Love it can't be with out!!! Here are the proper ways to care for a wig: 1. All you will need is a pot and some Silicon Mix. Now well known for adding a glorious, ‘like new’ texture and sheen to clip in wefts, this wonder product has the same effect on synthetic hair. Ingredients: cyclopenta siloxane, dimethiconol, fragrance (parfum), WHAT THEY DOThe benefits of Simply Stylin’™ Silk and Simply Stylin’™ Light Silk Spray are many. 4 oz. This not only evokes confidence but also limits the time required to restyle or ‘fix’ the wig. $11.45. For more details, check out my video on how to revive a frizzy human hair wig. For example, if you were in a rush and you wanted your wig to be curly, you could easily roll it with Flexi rods and dip it in the boiling water for a few minutes, and then you’ll have a head full of curls! Now, this product doesn’t necessarily have the best smell to it. If absolutely essential (ie you got really involved at that foam party or passed out in left over pizza sauce – hey, it happens) be sure to follow our how to wash a wig guide. Twist the ends of the hair around your hand while holding the wig at the cap and fold it into the hairnet provided for extra protection. Part of the problem may be that you applied the shampoo directly to the hair (which you should avoid). Just apply Silk or Light Silk Spray lightly to hair before encountering excessive humidity. For a final finish, you can use your fingers to arrange the curls. Because of that, the boiling method is allowing you to save your money from buying new extensions. This method has made a huge difference and has provided great results for me. She has published editorials, theater reviews, and celebrity interviews over the last 4 years. The cost of the product is cheap too. I’ve been wearing alternative hair for 8 years and nothing protects my synthetic hair like the silicone spray, Simply Stylin’! Have you ever washed a new synthetic wig and wondered why the heck it got frizzy so quickly? Spray a good coat of wig sheen spray over the fibers once the wig is dry.