| Save to del.icio.us Think differently about your story. Tweet . Intel doesn’t make or sell a product directly to consumers. In the B2B Marketing and Strategy context, companies must now adopt capturing an anthropological view of their markets. Prospects and leads don’t convert into clients overnight — they need time to self-educate and gain faith in a brand. “Informs Functions Such As Strategy and Long Range Planning”. SalesIntel is the most comprehensive contact and company data provider that helps you target your ideal prospects and accelerate revenue growth. Prospects and leads don’t convert into clients overnight — they need time to self-educate and gain faith in a brand. The person who buys your product may not be the person who uses or benefits from your product. He now serves as the VP of Partnerships and Alliances for SalesIntel.io. For its B2B content marketing strategy, IBM employs a mix of geographic, psychographic, demographic, and segmentation variables. Paving the way for senior leaders in B2B Marketing and Sales to not only be informed on which strategies to apply but to also use buyer personas as the communications method to help their organizations to be informed about as well as to understand their customers at the deepest level possible. Thanks to a tweet from Paula Gray, Anthropologist-in-residence at AIPMM, I was made aware of an article that appeared in the Harvard Business Review. B2B, B2B marketing, B2B marketing strategies, buyer insight, buyer persona, buyer personas, content marketing, customer insight, innovation, insight, Internet, marketing, sales, social media, social media marketing, strategy, Reblog Focus your marketing on the benefits of your product not the features of your product. Our experiences in both worlds make this translation possible.”  Buyer persona development is about understanding the “perspectives of buyers and communicate it to others.”  The buyer persona development process becomes the translation and communications medium for customer and buyer insights as well as how they inform strategies. Intel makes money when consumers purchase Intel-powered products. Intel makes an ingredient. By subscribing, you're opting in to receive emails from us. What Intel Can Teach B2B Marketing About Strategy. Our goal is to see people’s behavior on their terms, not ours.”  The investigative process applicable to buyer personas is very much about visiting buyers, talking with buyers, and listening in non-directed ways to capture insight about buying and decision-making processes. It doesn’t make the main dish. The campaign even had a memorable jingle. 527 views. Most recently, Cirrus Insight was number 41. Consumers aren’t interested in ingredients like vanilla flavoring. Ken states: “by understanding how people live, researchers discover otherwise elusive trends that inform the company’s future strategies.”  In my recent definition of buyer personas, now in a Buyer Persona 2.0 context, one of the key components of buyer personas is this focus on the unarticulated and the not-yet-discovered which can be truly elusive if only an analytical approach through customer data is used. Date : December 17, 2020. The world of B2B marketing changes at a rapid pace these days. Intel just posted the strongest quarterly results in its 42-year history, with revenue of $10.3 billion, up 44% from the same period in 2009. Our goal is to see people’s behavior on their terms, not ours.”, our job as anthropologists is to understand the perspective of one tribe, consumers, and communicate it to another, the people at Intel. Time : 01:00 pm - 01:30 pm EDT. Intel has been a forerunner in this area and Ken notes how Intel has now over two dozen employed anthropologists and ethnographers. Intel says it is refocusing its marketing strategy to be "more B2B and ecosystem-focused," which is more in line with the company's recent expansion into more products and industries, according to Ad Age. It takes a savvy marketer to sit down and observe which marketing tactics produce results—and those that are a waste of time. By creating a data-backed marketing strategy you’ll be setting yourself up for success in 2021. Stepping Stronger into 2021: How to Create a Better B2B Marketing Strategy.