In my area, a lot of gas stations carry it. How much do the links slide back-and-forth under compression / tension? Begin by putting your bicycle on the bicycle stand. Let it spin and work into whatever it will. (Includes the Kerosene Recycling Stand): Cautions - I use kerosene to clean my chain. He performed an experiment and reported his results, what's more scientific than that? 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Apply four coats of spray lacquer allowing 1/2 hour between coats. I used it with sparing amounts applied with a soft toothbrush and wiped off the residue immediately, followed a couple hours later (when all was dry completely) with Motul chain lube. To make the saucer I cut the bottom off a bottle using my bottle making jig. I'm cautiously skeptical that bar and chain oil is the best choice. :D, In regards to it not working, I imagine it doesn't work quite as well, but he is changing the oil on his chains every 10 rides, so I doubt it would make a huge difference. Contaminants stick to the outside layer, and do not easily get worked into the mechanism, providing a barrier. Kerosene is flammable but not as flammable as gasoline. I wonder how they plan to get a good water seal where skin meets skin...? Our goal is to provide the best possible shopping experience to every enthusiast who visits RevZilla. Chain Cleaner with Kerosene extends chain life and optimizes performance. Just to be clear, you think it is rude and inappropriate to disagree with him? Thanks for the comment. Apply additional oil to the rag if needed. With plain chains, slather on the lube and wipe off the excess. (document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0] || document.getElementsByTagName('body')[0]).appendChild(hs); I typically use three refills of kerosene per cleaning pouring the dirty kerosene into a funnel leading to the dirty solvent reservoir bottle. You'll also hear about special offers and events! Electrochemical corrosion happens when contact. You can also use this as an opportunity to clean up your workstation, as by this point things are probably a bit gross. Discussion Starter • #1 • 9 mo ago. You could put baseball cards in the spokes and make it sound like one too! If you notice your bike chain is excessively dirty and grimy, with a crust of dirt and environmental sludge, it’s probably time to clean your chain. That will remove any hand oil and let you see if you have any glue squeeze out. RevZilla photo. We can "bench test" different materials all day here, but he used bar oil on his chain, reported that it worked adequately, and was inexpensive. I've heard that WD-40 is essentially kerosene and oil. But why limit yourself? Hold the rag against the chain as you turn the pedals enough to make two or three passes of the chain. In the '80's I cleaned my Suzuki's chain with kerosene and a toothbrush. While you're down there, check for chain wear. A 3/4 inch Forstner Bit cuts out the toothbrush holder. 2003 SV650/ART slip-on/Sargent seat/Suzuki Windscreen/Motosliders/3rd eye mirrors, diesel fuel is the same stuff. Other commenters have reported using waxes, other oils, and several dry lubes. Can I Use Kerosene For Cleaning My Motorcycle Chain Quora The best cheapest motorcycle chain cleaner kerosene you how to clean and lube a motorcycle chain revzilla clean chain with kerosene and lubricant it you how to clean and lube a motorcycle chain revzilla. Of course, it's not a bad idea to do it more often if you're riding in wet or dirty conditions. Thanks for the input guys. People debate whether WD-40 in reality harms O-ring chains though - search google. I can still smell the residue in my garage, even though the bike has been out for a ride and the kerosene is no longer on the shelf. Another alternative is to remove the chain entirely and work on it that way. Stop when you start to see sediment pour back into the clean bottle. I didn't call him names or make personal attacks. Guaranteed Holiday Delivery until 12/21 at 2:59 PM ET, click below for details. As you rightly admitted, it hardly matters for the chain what oil you use. How much do the links slide back and forth under compression and tension? "His results are as basic as science gets, he tried a thing, he reported his results. i just bought some from Home Depot the other day (i know Lowes has it too) it's in the paint thinner/varnish/turpentine/xylene/other assorted volatile-chemicals-in-metal-buckets section (usually in "Paint"). Just taxed differently, because k1 can be used as home fuel.. has a different color dye also because if you get pulled over with a CDL using home fuel or k1 as a fuel you can major fines.... so your gas station should do it... look for k1 or a gallon of diesel... that will last you a couple years of chain maintenance. Anyway, I've decided to stick with Motul chain cleaner and hope the one shot of kerosene I used to remove the factory chain grease won't negatively affect my chain. But also this oil seems to be much cheaper than specifically marketed bicycle chain oils. I could use it as aftershave. When it comes to the best way to lube a motorcycle chain, there are a few differences between plain and sealed chains that you want to keep in mind. This isn't the best or only way, it is just one way. You should also examine your sprockets. It is a lot easier if your bike has a center stand or if you have a paddock stand. Try the camping section of your local wal-mart/k-mart. I use WD40. Old newspaper just isn't going to do it. Thanks for the input guys. This article will provide a quick step-by-step guide for the best way to clean and lube a motorcycle chain. OP cleans his bike chains every 10 rides, minimizing the effects of lapping (if any). Tirox® Chain Degreaser / Cleaner contains mostly kerosene, as recommended. Although optional, it's really been helpful. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. A scientific conclusion that you attacked as being "unscientific." 4 months ago. After the sediment settles, you can carefully pour the clean kerosene back into the cleaning bottle. It's on you and other scientists to verify or contradict his results in your own studies.,, VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter Street, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. You used it, it seems to work, so it gets declared a win, with no real empirical evidence. The master link on a motorcycle chain is the link that has been used to join the two ends together and will look slightly different than the surrounding links.