So thank you for your recipe! Get weekly recipes, videos, and podcasts to your inbox. We’d love to hear continued updates about your progress. Question: your links for the sugar free syrup aren’t working, can you let me know what the brand you’re using? Thank you! It adds an extra healthy component to these pancakes! My two boys and husband agree! Not only will you save money in the long run, but you'll be able to have protein-packed pancakes on demand — and yes, it’s totally acceptable to eat them for dinner. They came out really good regardless. How to Use a Food Scale for Cooking and Tracking Macros, Staple Ingredients and Substitutions Guide, pancake mix – the four variations I’ve included are for Bisquick, Birch Benders, Krusteaz Protein Pancakes, and Kodiak Cakes, 1 C (120g) Bisquick, or your choice of pancake mix*, 3/4 C (180) Skim Milk, or your choice of milk. We also like Muscle Feast which uses stevia as the sweetener, but doesn’t taste as good in our opinion! Wont such a high amount of protein powder make it taste bad? Just like your wonderful Keto Cakes! Thank you for sharing – been looking for a simple, but healthy and vegan recipe for a while, and voila here I found it. Learn how your comment data is processed. Let me know how you like it! All of the serving information is described in the blog post. We’ve never frozen them so we can’t say. Down to 240 and still dropping… Thanks for all you do guys! Shame on me for not noticing, but just a fyi. MUCH more efficient (and safer). We encourage you to try the protein powder, but if you are still concerned with the excess, perhaps use 1/2 the amount and substitute the rest for almond flour? Hi just wondering about the protein powder. Pour a scoop of the batter into the hot pan. It’s awesome to hear that you and your husband are doing so well on keto! Since the batter is pretty runny, it helps the pancake/waffle to not spread around the pan if you were to make it in a skillet. Sooooo good! When the idea struck I immediately halted what I was doing and turned to Megha, made eye contact and slowly said 3 deliberate words. Thanks for this recipe, Matt and Megha! AMAZING!! Love these. They still tasted good but not sure why it didnt mix. Thank you so much for this recipe I’m so happy I tried these!! Studies have also shown that they may prevent cancer, improve cholesterol, lower blood pressure, control blood sugar, and aid in weight management! Hey Pam! She didn’t understand the magnitude of this revelation. I normally make my pancakes from scratch. If I have a weight issue it’s trying to maintain my weight. Tastes just like pancakes should taste! I also added a few chopped up walnuts! Something that doesn’t knock out my carb allowance in one meal? So delicious and easy to make! I am not a fan of any sugar free sweeteners except for xylitol. I use small sausage patties and create a great sandwich! Ya, greek yogurt could work. We just use a low-carb/sugar-free pancake syrup. Thank you Thank you! First of all, just wanted to say thank you for your amazing website and recipes, tips, YouTube channel, posts, and everything in between! Thanks, These are really good. Hi guys! The first graphic uses PEScience protein powder and the second uses a whey-only protein powder. See recipe: Relevant!! I’ve used these at family gatherings and even those not doing Keto like them. Kodiak makes a wide variety of flavors from your basic buttermilk and chocolate chip to things like almond and poppy seed or cinnamon oat. They are delicious and easy :). When buying protein powder, follow these 3 steps to ensure that the type you buy is worth the money!Some of the most common plant protein brands are made with pea, brown rice, hemp, soy, or a mix of a few of those protein sources. Thx. If you want to check out PEScience products, my affiliate code mason saves you 15%.