If you're interested in Ancient Greece, the National Archaeological Museum in Athens is surely worth a visit. Quick View. Museum of Athens, one of the best, if not the best archaeology museums Note the attention to detail on the human bodies, and contemplate how it reflects the newly discovered concept for this world: the importance of the individual human being as an intelligent part of nature. The Vlastos Serpieris Collection consists of ancient Greek and Tarantine artefacts, distinguished for the ancient and byzantine treasures. You will need to show your ticket to the guards again. Since then they have opened another wing and have … Circle around the Zeus of Artemision to be enchanted by the realism and idealism of Classical art, and let your imagination gallop in front of the Boy Jockey and Horse statue as you ponder the dynamism of Hellenistic art. More info. It is designed to give you a good perspective of Ancient Greece history through the artifacts, as well as to show you the most important pieces of art included in the museum’s collection. It was built two thousand years ago, around the end of the 2nd century BCE. This is a Hellenistic statue. The transformation of Greek culture through the five hundred years that separate these two statues will become evident. The next three rooms of the National Archaeological Museum (and two more to the right) host a plethora of art and artifacts from the Dark Ages, the Geometric and Orientalizing eras. The National Archaeological Museum is the biggest museum of Athens and one of the most important in the world. For now, find the door (left) that houses the Neolithic art and artifacts to your left. Cycladic marble statue. As you enter the next two rooms, you will notice the gradual change in scale and thematic preferences of this era. https://www.getyourguide.com/national-archaeological-museum-of-athens-l3769 Athens has a lot more ancient art and culture to offer, so if you stay for a few days, visit our Athens guide for more ideas. This is the age that begins with the death of Alexander the Great and a time when Hellenic civilization expanded from the confines of the narrow city-states of mainland Greece to become more cosmopolitan. Opened in December 2000 and inaugurated by the President of the Republic Constantine Stefanopoulos, The Frissiras Museum is the only Museum for modern European painting i. while in Athens, Greece. If you prefer more explanation for each artwork, you may rent one of the audio guided tours at the National Archaeological Museum, in which case you can use our walking tour as a planning tool before you go. On the Boy Jockey there is a clear emphasis on time and movement, more attention to detail, as well as more emphasis on the “dramatic”. Die 11.000 ausgestellten Objekte stammen aus allen Regionen Griechenlands, da alle wichtigen Funde bis ins 20. The National Archaeological Museum of Athens is the largest archaeological museum in Greece and one of the most important museums in the world devoted to ancient Greek art. The exhibited artifacts span several centuries, from Archaic to Roman, and range from every day objects like clothes buckles, medical instruments, musical instruments, chariots, weapons, and statuettes of every kind. You can’t miss the Zeus of Artemision bronze statue in the middle of the long exhibition space of the National Archaeological Museum. She is not a hero, or a god. Hop on Hop Off Classic tour of Athens. Before the Athens 2004 Olympics All rights reserved. Situated in Delphi, an archaeological site and modern town in Greece, the Temple of Apollo stands as a peropteral Doric building. We were able to complete the 3 routes. Special Offer. Circa 350-325 BCE. Quick View. This We will see more exquisite Aegean art later when we visit the second floor “Thera” collection, but for now contemplate the nature and disposition of the people who lived 5000 years ago in the Greek islands. As you walk through the exhibition you will probably agree that the artifacts speak of a joyous and very advanced civilization. On a similar path, the Cycladic Art collection illuminates a culture that was exuberant and self-reliant. (2800-2300 BCE). © 2008 – 2020 GetYourGuide. Perhaps the smiles are reflective of a feeling of limitlessness and vigorous extroversion. The driver and staff were professional and helpful. A Visit to see some of the Archaeological Treasures of Ancient Greece in the National Museum; Before the Athens 2004 Olympics we were among the first people to visit the newly rennovated National Archaeological Museum. Directions to National Archaeological Museum Housed in a neoclassical building built in the 19th century, that is one of the largest and most significant museums of ancient Greek art, the National Archaeological Museum of Athens holds 8,500 square metres of exhibition space.