They could issue you with a notice and even forcibly remove the … Yea, neighbours will be fed up. It'd ring for about an hour at a time. If your car alarm keeps going off, you have to get it taken care of right away because it's so loud and so annoying. All is good and im enjoying the car except the damn alarm! This could be classed as a noise nuisance. 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It is advisable to first speak to your neighbours who may not be aware their alarm is being triggered, particularly if it happens when they are at work. Someone’s Car alarm goes off middle of the night what do you do? Log the times then contact Environmental Health at the local Council. explains more about how we use your data, and your rights. It’s happening now and I can’t sleep. My neighbour is harassing me, what can I do? These things do happen, but it's nice to receive an apology when they do, and reassurance that something is being done to rectify it. My Citroen (a Xantia) had a switch under the bonnet where you inserted the car key to deactivate the siren, but keep the immobiliser active. familiarise yourself with the latest version. Basically, last night the alarm was going off every 20 minuites. I have looked in the car manual and cant find any info on the issue and now the neighbors have called the bloody police! Do NOT disconnect the battery unless you follow this procedure...... We had that once and all it was setting off was a moth inside the car! If the problem persists then you should contact the Environmental Protection department at your local council who have powers to deal with nuisance car alarms. If so open it up, turn of the leccy, go away for the weekend and it'll run down it's battery and your job is done. It's the neighbourly thing to do. There are few things more embarrassing (or more annoying, if it’s a neighbor’s car) than a car alarm that won’t shut off. The burglar alarm in the house next to me keeps going off at all times of the day and night. Welcome to the Digital Spy forums. The breakdown people couldnt do anything for me. @DisreputableDog, the car alarm may be set to be too sensitive. Make sure you aren’t calling 911. Having to confront a thief in your home is something many of us will luckily never have to deal with - most of the time the alarm has been triggered by something harmless. If you do see someone trying to break into a vehicle then you should contact the police on 999. 101 never answer. Who can I speak to about making a complaint about low flying aircraft? Editor, Marcus Herbert, First Date 08/11/2008, Moved In Together 01/06/2009, Engaged 01/01/10, Wedding Day 27/04/2013, Baby Moshie due 29/06/2019 :T. Random Acts of Kindness and All things Positive! Low Level of the Battery. We had this a few years ago. This info does not constitute financial advice, always do your own research on top to ensure it's right for your specific circumstances and remember we focus on rates not service. I strongly advise that you do NOT disconnect the battery. :eek: I'm deeply offended and hurt. Your car alarm can annoy the neighbors or residents nearby which is why it is necessary to know how to disconnect it in case it keeps going off. Being woken by the sound of your own burglar alarm shrieking in the middle of the night is a frightening prospect. Always the same person but not every night. had the same thing go on an Astra (turns out its a well known fault on some vauxhalls). What are the rules relating to fireworks? It wont stop going off literally every 15 mins or less and i didnt get any sleep last night. If the car alarm is a false activation and not someone attempting to steal/break into the vehicle then first it would be advisable to speak to your neighbour about the problem as they may not be aware what is happening. You should be able to lift the connector up and off of the battery. waking the whole street. It was my friend and neighbour. The majority of domestic alarms do not comply with that policy by virtue of the fact they are audible only systems. If this course of action does not solve the problem, you can report a noise problem to your local council if it is having a significant impact on you and your family. This issue may even affect other parts of the car. If it appears to be a false activation, still contact the police but on 101, the non-emergency number, as they may have the owners contact details on their database. Conclusion on 5 common reasons why car alarm keeps going off honda accord . Its connections may have been compromised. They also pointed out that simply disconnecting the battery wouldnt solve the probblem as the alarm has a built in back up power cell of its own. If you’d like to join in, please sign in or register. If your car’s alarm keeps going off even after you’ve cleaned the hood latch sensor, then maybe the problem is deeper than just a bit of grime.