Video clip and lyrics O Sole Mio by SF9. [2], "SF9 3rd Mini Album `Knights of the Sun`",, Short description is different from Wikidata, Album articles lacking alt text for covers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 13 October 2020, at 11:20. Release Date: 2018.02.26 Tracklist: 01. O Sole Mio lyrics performed by SF9: Bichwojwo nal hwanhi bichwojwo Yeongwonhi tteonagandaedo byeonhaegandaedo Marajwo geureoji marajwo Yeongwonhi gaji … 오솔레미오 (O Sole Mio) 03. sta 'nfronte a te! Check out who wrote, composed and arranged 'O Sole Mio (오솔레미오)' in HallyuMusic. Chiar dacă ei spun că vei pleca pentru totdeauna, că te vei schimba, Oh dorm, dar încă sunt plin de căldura ta, Pașii noștri sunt încă sincronizați astăzi, Se face şi mai cald, din nou astăzi sunt topit de tine, Eu trăiesc în tine, între nasul şi fruntea ta, Pentru eternitate ești tu, tu ești soarele meu, Acum, ia-mă de mâini și îmbrățișează-mă strâns, Ricardo Arjona - Jesús es verbo, no sustantivo, Companyia Elèctrica Dharma - El ventre de la bèstia, Shania Twain - It Only Hurts When I'm Breathing. 웬 감성팔이야 (Just On My Way) [#4] MAMMA MIA! Oh ego dormio ajik ne ongiga gadeukhae (ego dormio) Oh that’s Maria neomani nareul tteugeopge hane geobnaeji ma bib.. The EP sold 32,864+ copies in South Korea. Get the lyrics for 'O Sole Mio (오솔레미오)' by SF9 in Korean, Romanization, and English. SF9 members include Kim Youngbin, Kim It was released on October 12, 2017, by FNC Entertainment. [1] It peaked at number 6 on the Korean Gaon Chart. SF9 - MAMMA MIA Lyrics [English, Romanization] Artist Title Album Release Genre SF9 MAMMA MIA SF9 4th Mini Album `MAMMA MIA!` 2018.02.26 Dance English Lyrics SF9 Clap Clap yo We back again u.. Knights of the Sun is the third extended play from South Korean boy band SF9. 불호령 (Scold) 06. … Translation of '오솔레미오 (O sole mio)' by SF9 (에스에프나인) from Korean, English to Romanian 나랑 놀자 (Let’s Hang Out) 04. Knights of the Sun is the third extended play from South Korean boy band SF9.It was released on October 12, 2017, by FNC Entertainment.The album consists of six tracks, including the title track, "O Sole Mio". MAMMA MIA … English Translation What a wonderful thing a sunny day The serene air after a thunderstorm The fresh air, and a party is already going on… I've never had this feeling before (Clap clap Yes! O sole O sole mio sta 'nfronte a te! ), You're such a great masterpiece I can't wake up, Everyone is looking for me I'm busy splendidly, I feel like I'm possessed by a shining life, You're the first type I've ever seen I bet all on you, I'm cautious like crazy I'm opening my eyes widely, Today, I follow her, too I fly with the wind, I briskly run to her when I see her Mamma Mia, SF9 - MAMMA MIA Lyrics [English, Romanization], Wanna One - I.P.U Lyrics [English, Romanization], WJSN - Dreams Come True Lyrics [English, Romanization], CLC - BLACK DRESS Lyrics [English, Romanization], Weki Meki - La La La Lyrics [English, Romanization], BoA - ONE SHOT, TWO SHOT Lyrics [English, Romanization]. Debuting on October 5, 2016, they are FNC’s first dance boy group. The album consists of six tracks, including the title track, "O Sole Mio". SF9 is a nine-member South Korean boy group under FNC Entertainment. 빈칸 (Blank) 05. SF9 O Sole Mio Lyrics.