Another primary benefit of using oatmeal is that it allows you to make concoctions that are more of a decadent dessert than a traditional smoothie.However, just because it tastes sinful doesn’t mean that it is. So, with that out of the way, here are my top ten oatmeal smoothie recipes. Here’s how to do it with oatmeal! I don’t recommend steel-cut, however, as they will make your drink a lot thicker and chewier. I think I like the cherry vanilla bean smoothie the best. The 6 grams of plant-based protein you will find in that one cup of cooked oatmeal is equivalent to the protein you would find in one ounce of meat. If you prefer a smaller, snack-size serving, half-pint mason jars work well. These are rolled oats that have been cooked longer and pressed thinner. It is rich in fiber, which contributes to feeling full long after you’ve eaten it.No wonder experts support oats as a classic ingredient for weight loss.Just be sure to buy only plain oats. However, I do have some healthy recipes that are super popular and they absolutely shine this time of year. Want a taste of sunshine in your morning? How to make 6 flavor varieties of Oatmeal Smoothies(or invent your own flavor combo). I prefer rolled oats as they give more texture to the drink, although instant oats work just fine. Making smoothies is not an exact science. Thankfully, I learned the difference between steel-cut, rolled, and instant oats rather quickly, as will you. Freezable, too! If you are a fan of regular instant oats, then you most likely have tried variations that included apple cinnamon.These three ingredients go together like peas in a pod, so it makes perfect sense that we would make a smoothie out of them.This is also one of the best breakfast smoothies I’ve done in a while! Toss all ingredients into your blender jar and blend until smooth. So, which is best for smoothies? This recipe per 1 serving provides at least 1g soluble fiber. Whether it’s back to school at home or in the school building, this healthy oatmeal smoothie is perfect for busy mornings and will quickly become your kids’ (and your) favorite breakfast treat. I've been drinking half of a smoothie for breakfast and having the other half for a mid-morning snack. Chia seeds are power food (and a perfect smoothie thickener). Just whip up one of these tasty treats for a healthy meal your whole family will love. It's fun and easy when you follow my simple formula. Every smoothie will differ some in nutrition according to the exact ingredients used. It’s both delicious and won’t give you an identity crisis, which is a win-win situation.As with the rest of these smoothies, having more frozen ingredients is best. I honestly can't drink a whole 2-cup serving at one time. Making the same thing day in and day out was starting to get boring until a friend of mine surprised me... Get our secret smoothie recipes eBook for free!Delicious * Easy * Quick. If you’re in need of an easy smoothie recipe to lose … Blend the oats and chias to a powder-like flour consistency. You might also like these frozen treats made with similar ingredients as the smoothies:Healthy FroYo Pops. Also, be sure to watch the video towards the end of the post where you can watch me make every single one! Smoothies often use ice cubes or frozen fruit to thicken them, but that means they have to be eaten right away before their ingredients melt. The dates are pretty important here, as they add flavor that you can’t get with anything else. Assemble these ingredients and supplies. Garnish with a fresh pineapple wedge for even more of that Caribbean feel. Here are a few things to keep in mind. Put all ingredients into a blender and mix until you get your desired consistency. Best of all, it adds more fiber and protein, meaning that you don’t have to use powders to get the results you want.For a more refreshing drink, you can freeze your almond milk to give it more zest, but the frozen fruit should be enough.With regards to the spinach, fresh is best. In 2013, a scientific trial was conducted to prove that incorporating oats into your diet can help prevent obesity. When it comes to oatmeal, the varieties refer to how much processing has happened to them.In this case, steel-cut oats have not been cooked or pressed beyond the initial roasting. Toss all ingredients into your blender and blend until smooth.For best results, you will want to let this mixture chill for a few hours before you drink it. Thank you, What gluten free oats do you use, Sharon? Refrigerate. The title says it all.The dates are pretty important here, as they add flavor that you can’t get with anything else. , God bless you for making these “new necessary ” changes easier on me. If you can’t find dates, then it will throw the whole thing off.You will also notice that caramel is absent, like other recipes here, but you can drizzle it on top for an extra bit of zest. Or, blend the smoothie again after it has it's overnight fridge soak--the fruit will have softened and should blend in better. 4 healthy oatmeal smoothie recipes to help you start the morning off on the right foot. View Apricot Orange Oatmeal Smoothie recipe. This is actually one of my favorite recipes.You will want to freeze the milk for the best results. In a drink?Well, from that moment on, I started incorporating oatmeal smoothies for weight loss and because they taste great.If you're looking to combine oats in your weight gain regime, I suggest this other recipe instead (or any others from that list).Today I’ll be showing you my top ten recipes. Your tips are helpful to me and the entire Yummy community. With a dash of vanilla extract, a sprinkle of cinnamon, and a measure of oatmeal, you can transform a regular old blueberry smoothie into this delicious blueberry muffin oatmeal smoothie! * We value your privacy and will only send you our eBook & newsletters *. Want an oatmeal smoothie that’s packed with fruits, veggies, healthy fat, and plenty of protein? King-Man's favorite. Anyway, this particular recipe is like a non-frozen version of the famous cocktail, only without alcohol and a lot thicker.