We will try our best to respond quickly. You can still watch One Punch Man season one on Netflix but we’ll keep you up to date if anything changes and hopefully we’ll soon be seeing Saitama on our screens again very soon! The original manga series for this title sold over 10 million copies in Japan and was nominated for a 2015 Eisner Award. And what do you think about the Trailer they released ? We are eagerly waiting for the releasing date for One punch man season 2. Netflix is a registered trademark of Netflix, Inc. All Rights Reserved. What Are Some Profitable Online Businesses? The Series is Amazing and you should watch it. The heroes of class S try to prevent a human catastrophe, but all their attempts seem to be in vain. Black Widow: Marvel Forcefully Postpone their Phase 4 Opener, Netflix’s “Seven deadly sins” Season 4: Release Date, Story, Latest Updates & More, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker: Release Date, Cast, Trailer & Download, How to Conduct Market Research for a New Business, ‘Vote Like Our Lives and The World Depend On It’ – Billie Eilish Sings ‘My Future’ With Delivering A Powerful Anti-Trump Speech. on April 9, 2019, 4:44 am EST. If you believe we have used your copyrighted content without permission, send us an email at [email protected]dope.com and we will remove it immediately. We are all well aware of the staggering statistics associated with China that almost always manages to shadow India’s numbers. Copyright © 2020 Epic Media Labs. They just have one question in their Mind that is When will season 2 releasing on Netflix. If the pattern we observed in season one applies to season 2, we can make an educated guess as to when One Punch Man season 2 will be on Netflix. From the Facts, We all know that When “One-Punch Man” first release in 2015, It almost takes 2 years to release its English-dub version on Netflix. You can check out the official trailer for season two here: We’re certain that Season 2 of One Punch Man will arrive on Netflix eventually. Fans have been waiting for the English dub and looks like they don’t have to wait anymore. In a tweet released by Viz Media in August 2018, they confirmed that Season 2 release date is for April 2019! The Earth is threatened by the arrival of the abyssals from the sea. But nothing can challenge him, so he struggles with ennui and depression. “One-Punch Man” is Now Streaming on Netflix. Copyright What's on Netflix 2018. I really want to what one punch man season 2 on Netflix because I like the first one lot and I paid for a lot of money to Netflix just to what some TV shows. One-Punch Man is a Japanese superhero webcomic created by the artist One in early 2009. Genos and Saitama take the exam to become heroes. Now for English audiences, it is highly likely the Japanese Dub will be available exclusively on the streaming service Crunchyroll but for fans of the English dub, the question is will it be coming to Netflix? His ability to adapt is perhaps his greatest strength, as he seems to grow exponentially from every near-death experience he has. The season will revolve around Garou, the Hero Hunter, and introduce a previously unknown organization — The Monster Association, a parallel of The Hero Association. One-Punch Man Season 2 comes April 2019. pic.twitter.com/ZwrCljO7vU. All Rights Reserved. Every “One-Punch Man” Lover is eagerly waiting for the season 2. Fortunately, Saitama gets involved. His life was void and empty. After the release of One Punch Man Season 1, Netflix didn’t receive the title for over 2 years, therefore, we believe the same may happen again for Season 2. One Punch Man Season 2 has recently arrived in Netflix Philippines and has quickly risen into the week's Top 10 content from the streaming service.