All operating parameters, including ty pical parameters, must be va lidated for each customer application by the customer’ s technical experts. GL5516 Datasheet - (GL5516 - GL5549) Photoresistor, pdf, pinout, equivalent, replacement, schematic, manual, data, circuit, parts, datasheet. LDR Datasheet, PDF : Search Partnumber : Match&Start with "LDR"-Total : 490 ( 1/25 Page) Electronic Manufacturer: Part no: Datasheet: Electronics Description: STMicroelectronics: LDR1825 VERY LOW DROP DUAL VOLTAGE REGULATOR: LDR1833 Very low drop dual voltage regulator: LDR1833 VERY LOW DROP DUAL VOLTAGE REGULATOR: LDR2518 VERY LOW DROP DUAL VOLTAGE REGULATOR: … RESISTOR Datasheet, PDF : Search Partnumber : Start with "RES"-Total : 232 ( 1/12 Page) Electronic Manufacturer: Part no: Datasheet: Electronics Description: Cooper Bussmann, Inc. RES-1 REN (250V) RES (600V) Renewable Class H Fuses: Eaton All Rights Reserv... RES-1 REN (250V) and RES (600V) Renewable Class H size fuses: Cooper Bussmann, Inc. RES-1 REN (250V) RES (600V) Renewable Class … GL55 Series. CdS PHOTOCONDUCTIVE CELLS GL5528 Epoxy encapsulated Quick response Small size High sensitivity Reliable performance Good characteristic of spectrum Light Resistance at 10Lux (at 25℃) 8~20KΩ Outline Dark Resistance at 0 Lux 1.0MΩ(min) Gamma value at 100-10Lux 0.7 ��onw_��%����5�"�O���+�a�����v"8|��������VЦ��q1�>��O�紤��ش������]C4��?����ͫ?��߽��߿�o�u�D|���s�5hd/�s�o����� �C�y��o����6��{K;��ɖ��ۛ��K�3���f/wQ��8��/��}����,��twJ����������W�? 2 0 obj Power Supply (0 V to 26 V) Load 1 Load 2 Power Supply (0 V to 26 V) Load 3 Power Supply (0 V to 26 V) C BYPASS 0.1 µF V S (Supply Voltage) CH 1 CH 2 V IN+1 V IN ± 1 V IN ± 2 V IN+2 CH 3 V IN+3 V IN ± 3 I2 C- and SMBus-Compatible GL55 SeriesCdS Photoresistor Manual_____Page 1 of 5GL55 Series PhotoresistorPhotoresistor is a resistor which made of semi-conductor material,and the conductance changeswith luminance variation .The photoresistor can be manufactured with different figures and illuminatedarea based on this characteristic.Photoresistor is widely used in many industries, such … %PDF-1.4 <>stream %���� CdS Photoresistor Manual _____ Page 2 of 5. Gl55Series Photoresistor Schematic Drawing Performances and Features Coated with epoxy Good reliability Small volume High sensitivity Quick response Good spectrum characteristic Typical Applications Camera automation photometry Photoelectric control Indoor sunlight control Annunciator Industrial control Optical control switch Optical control lamp Electronic toy Standard Type and … }��7��Z�|ǾEF/�&�@Wxfd�mw��vYn�_��������p�©�˧���?Ă��n�psC��p�>�p��v��7�����;8�N�J�\�on��77��'�p��_N���?i�F!���M�A�y��1��P��8�8����qH����3�S#����Dhok��P���ỉ��������5��&i e-��Do����p�Q��~�]���\8��xg*.�������&ڇ��3�pj�,��B�I�O�პn��Tb8���ڗ�q< m�c��A�����;���� �:��p�@��i���4��mT���e��Jl�4�n���+��:y�;�m��)����'��0��Z0���lp��Ө-;�S�V�)�)���E�������@�}� ڃ�+�aS��'������ٷG�k|_��F����ɵ��붅�Y���k��F��&wm���pHM�������3b?o�Zګ�^œKxR�)� k�'�L�����k�E�ܾ��������5%{�&"aBl��� ���M��W�q^S�ah���e��N8|�Y� :ǩ�V�䚊|��78t���\�������o W��!A�dq���w���]��|{�]��������ï�{����0��*�q�M{������G�פM?��%��7t�}�A�=||��⏷߼}l/n�_i�t��������;}��;P�~r���O��?�����wS��b�5��Mm�4k�r���I�4���}������W��]���U�]A�>5���}-���Y��w��/���jơ�?���@�*. x��ێdɑ-�1�"3������sȃ9$����&+ٝ��������M? Parameters provided in datasheets and / or specifications may vary in different applications and performance may vary over time. m�6-h��E� 37�ڇ��)��+��&��Y5fK_��Y������K[�v�j]<5����x_=��f���Fڟ���yj:�j8���n��)��:��pm��>�Lj��Gm#�ʏ�~Ӿ��U�'�{ss�؀[��ߞ8j/���Խ�c�=Ŷ�izg{�!L��׭�� M����3�h(���o�O�ЇM)��U�1���.7�*�Ȧ�}EY,n������T�]�>����[���Ԟ��R��M*� �Q�˘,��m�׿m���8{��C��7w���R�@m1��w�A�f�`���� 6� �6y*vxo�{��,F��__��Y[��;�b�8��S��I�S��:���=k{��+�Mz�� (q�A��;����>����iJ��xZ粽n��� 7-j'u��2������ �9x�A�������M��,�����w ��4��)]���nTn GL5516: Description Photoresistor: Download 5 Pages: Scroll/Zoom: 100% : Maker : ETC2 [List of Unclassifed Manufacturers] Homepage : Logo : GL5516 Datasheet(HTML) 2 Page - List of Unclassifed Manufacturers : zoom in zoom out 2 / 5 page. GL5516 Datasheet(PDF) 2 Page - List of Unclassifed Manufacturers: Part No. GL5516 (GL5516 - GL5549) Photoresistor Components datasheet pdf data sheet FREE from Datasheet (data sheet) search for integrated circuits (ic), semiconductors and other electronic components such as resistors, capacitors, transistors and diodes.