Below Moonshine Park, there is plenty of private property, so respect owners’ rights. © 2020 Mike Kelly's Guide Service. It's helpful for me to think of it as a slowly makes its return journey towards the sea with the possibility of Winter fish will be caught in small numbers in April, which also is the month the first summer-run fish generally are caught. A good deal of the trolling effort for the big Fall Kings is focused in the lower tidewater from Kernville on up to, As we bid farewell to 2018, we'd like to wish everyone a Healthy and Peaceful New Year. The game is won every time a fish is hooked. All Rights Reserved. The Siletz enters the Pacific Ocean at Lincoln City, a popular beach town within easy reach of Salem and Portland. Unlike the Pacific salmon, the include the word "fishing" Many of the Siletz Winter Steelhead are taken on side-drifted eggs and jigs, while back-rowing plugs and pitching spinners will also produce. The colder water temperatures of winter --- The harvest from summer and winter runs can often be similar, perhaps 2,000 fish harvested from each in a pretty good year. When trying to catch a hatchery steelhead (with adipose fins clipped) to take home from either run, Moonshine County Park is a good place to start. May As Well Address This First Thing. Come on out and enjoy a great day on the river and catch some fish along the way! There are fish staging in the upper estuary and lower river waiting for rain to move upriver. To fish in the upper river by boat, they can put in at Moonshine Park and drift down to Twin Bridges. About. It's a great spot for Chinook Salmon runs and boasts a native cutthroat trout population. Outdoor News  |  Siletz River offers some of the best Salmon and Steelhead fishing on the Oregon Coast! EMail To contact me please cut and paste the following email address to help prevent spam emails, and please include the word "fishing" in the subject line of your email so your important note … The McKenzie is a classic Western trout stream. With strong summer and winter runs of steelhead, and catches throughout the year, it’s not unusual for the Siletz River’s anglers to take home about 4,000 hatchery fish in a calendar year. Last updated 11/4/20. When fishing the Siletz river it's important to remember that a majority of the land surrounding the river is private, which … The Siletz river is open year around but is species specific. © 1999 - 2014 Angler, Flowing 70 miles through the Coast Range on out to the Pacific Ocean, the very scenic Siletz River drains about 700 square miles and has good driving proximity to Newport, Lincoln City and Corvallis. These fish carry on their parents’ habit of returning later than fish reared in hatcheries for many generations. rainbow trout colors and spots. Rich in aquatic life and natural beauty the stream has been a favorite of U.S. trout fishermen for generations. February and March are typically the best months of fishing on the Siletz, but a quality broodstock program has helped spread out the return … Chess-playing steelhead fly fishing guides who are successful Mckenzie River fishing guides & Rogue River fishing guides in freshwater. Alsea River Alsea River. may not be able to always follow or remember fishing directions. Weekend access (and often less crowded fishing conditions) can be found upriver on the privately owned Siletz Gorge Road. So this stretch often has good numbers of adult steelhead. Fall Salmon season runs Fall Salmon season runs August through December for Fall Chinook and Coho. About: - The Siletz River is approximately 70 miles long and drains a good of the Oregon Coast Range between Newport and Lincoln City. Trask River Trask River. During There are ponds near here where young steelhead (smolts) from the winter strain are acclimated before being released into the river, and this is where many of the adults tend to return. Conditions : SILETZ RIVER: Summer steelhead fishing continues to be slow but there is still opportunity to catch summer steelhead through the month of November. Advertising  |  SILETZ RIVER. Most fishing attention is directed toward Fall Chinook and Winter Steelhead and also to a smaller run of Summer Steelhead. Mike Kelly's Guide Service Fishing the Oregon Coast for salmon and steelhead (541) 729-7446. Hi, my name is Mike Kelly. For this one, boaters put in at Illahee and drift a long (about five miles) loop to Mill Park on the north side of town, then make a short walk through town to get back to their truck. If you're chasing steelhead the best times are between December and March; the fall run starts in September and runs through November. experience the unique beauty of the Siletz River in pursuit of its magnificent the fishing day. Head Eggs, Veiled Eggs, and Veiled Assassin, to name a few. guide I have to deal with the changing conditions and the occasional crowds in typically 38 - 42 degrees Fahrenheit --- decrease the comfort and activity of Siletz,OR. game of chess. specialists. Siuslaw River Siuslaw River. Summer-run smolts also are released in three locations in this general area. Based out of Lincoln City Oregon, Riverhawk Guide Service will guide you into an "EXPERIENCE OF A LIFETIME". The 4.0 mile bridge (aka Steel Bridge) in the Siletz gorge is open to motorized vehicles on the weekends only. that complicate the success of hooking and landing a steelhead, more so than I grew up in Eugene, Oregon and have been fishing the local rivers for 20 years. Fall Chinook fishing remains steady on the Siletz River. 2. In March and April, an angler may catch a The forecasted rain this week will have these fish on the move and create good conditions for the tail end of the fall Chinook run on the Siletz. Fishing the Oregon Coast for salmon and steelhead. The particular raise the flows, sometimes to flood stage. Fishing for summer steelhead often picks up again in late September and well into fall, when cooler temperatures and rainfall can turn a sluggish summer fish into an aggressive biter. fly and how it presented are determined by the river level, clarity, and light winter steelhead, contact us about a guided steelhead Drive up Logsden Road and then up Moonshine Park Road to get there. Hi, my name is Mike Kelly. specialists, EMail The Siletz River’s winding 67-mile course begins in Polk County’s Siuslaw National Forest, just roughly 20 miles from the ocean. I especially enjoy seeing a client land their first salmon or steelhead. Particularly in the summer, steelhead will stray into the gorge upriver from Moonshine Park, looking for cooler water. The boatable stretches begin at Moonshine Park above Logsden and continue on down toward the mouth near Kernville. Northwest Zone River levels. click here. Shorty after the fall salmon season comes to an end, winter steelhead will begin to enter the river. catching a steelhead in the warm summer months. Many thanks. Sun & Moon Data. demand special strategies and fly patterns.