Here's how you get to the Stele and the treasure. Next up is Eteokles’ Tomb which is on the western border of Attika, to the northwest of Athens, and northeast of Megara in … I cant complete the stele location Tomb of Brizo,. < > Showing 1-11 of 11 comments . Any help? #1. This page covers every Tomb … The Assassin's Creed Odyssey Ancient Stele give you a free ability point, letting you level up faster. Hello. Tomb of Eteokles. Attika: Tomb Of Eteokles: Travel to the far west central area of Attika, which is near the border with Megaris. The tomb is built into the mountainside. Enter the tomb, light a torch and dislodge the planking over the weak masonry in the adjacent chamber. Once you have found the Ancient Stele in a tomb, this tomb is complete. This burial site is also in Attika, in the Sacred Plain of Demeter, in the northwestern corner. In The tomb and found the symbol but I cant activate it. Cant find any similiar problems anywhere. Attika’s lone Ancient Stele is in the Sacred Plain of Demeter. Eteokles Tomb Symbol. In this guide we show you the next tomb, Tomb of Orion. Once inside, break the boards in the dark room and follow the corridors in the secret part of the tomb. Ride north-east from the fast-travel point on the Temple of Apollo in Megaris. Beware of a pair of wolves near the entry. Yraggul666. Tomb of Eteokles – Attika. It’s on the top of a hill, guarded by two large statues. There are dozens Tombs in Assassin's Creed Odyssey, all of which grant one extra Ability point when completed upon finding the Ancient Stele. Can someone help me ? There's a dot there that shows me its the right one but I have no clue what to do now. But you should not immediately disappear from the grave, often hidden treasures are waiting for you. The Tomb of Brizo is at the Silver Islands - Delos. Location: Boeotia Level: 22+ Reward: 1 skill point, 1215 XP. I've tried everything. There was also one in the Tomb of Eteokles. Apr 4, 2019 @ 11:50am I'm not completely sure, this could just be my imagination and don't quote me on this, but maybe wait for the content to be released?