Question 6. The unwanted plants in a cultivated field are called weeds. Air supplies two nutrients to plants namely carbon and oxygen. Small size is also needed for better housing and low feed. Secondary School. The scarcity or irregular distribution of rainfall causes droughts. As of this date, Scribd will manage your SlideShare account and any content you may have on SlideShare, and Scribd's General Terms of Use and Privacy Policy will apply. Answer: Pesticides are used in very accurate concentration and in a very appropriate manner because if used in excess it. The 1990 Farm Bill, as reported by the USDA, states that sustainability should have a long-term goal of: Numerous U.S. states, regions, and local farmers have additional organic farming standards in place that exceed basic NOP standards. Beekeeping is done in good pasturage because good pasturage provides more quantity and quality of nectar for honey to the honeybees. Answer: Question 13. Why is crop variety improvement important in cultivation? You can specify conditions of storing and accessing cookies in your browser, What is organic farming ? It reduces the cost of crop production and allows the farmers to grow multiple crops in a year. Describe composite fish culture system. What are the advantages of beekeeping? The methods of organic farming—crop rotation, encouraging biodiversity, integrated pest management, and more—are actually much older than today's conventional farming methods. Answer: Also, the floor of the cattle shed needs to be sloping so that water logging does not happen and it remains dry. Figure shows the two crop fields [plots A and B] have been treated by manures and chemical fertilisers respectively, keeping other environmental factors same. Question 27. Duration of Crops: One of the crops should be a long duration and other should be a short duration crop. [NCERT Exemplar] USDA. class 9 cbse board​, girls come for sex​, न.17. Thus, developing varieties of desired agronomic characters also help in higher yield. Name the internal parasites which affect the stomach, intestine and liver in cattle. There is maximum input of organic manure, recycled farm wastes, i.e., straw and livestock excreta, use of bio-agents such as culture of blue green algae in preparation ofbiofertilisers. Availability of food and access to it. Yellow revolution (increased oil production). Answer: Some insects cut the plant parts inhibiting their growth while others suck the cell sap so bees cannot help in pollination. It has many benefits over the other … The methods employed for weed control are as follows: Question 5. It also increases the production of various milk products like butter and cheese. The ecological benefits of organic farming are counterbalanced by higher food costs and generally lower yields. Improve Quality: Quality considerations of crop products vary from crop to crop. Some useful traits in improved crops are: Question 5. Every fertilizer and pesticide that are used are derived from completely natural sources such as blood meal or bone meal. Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. To obtain smaller size and higher summer adaptability, cross-breeding of poultry birds are done. Question 33. What Are the Environmental Benefits of Organic Agriculture? Water Requirement: One of the component crops should require lesser water than the other. What do you understand by humane farming? Sixteen. Question 15. Answer: Question 1. It reduces production risk and gives insurance against failure of all the crops. What was blue revolution meant for? Protein yielding — gram, pigeon gram, lentil, soyabean, Oil yielding — groundnut, castor, mustard, soyabean. Answer: Why is organic matter important for crop production? Organic farming is a system of agriculture that uses natural and biodegradable inputs while deliberately avoiding the use of synthetic fertilizers. Question 7. What is the main benefit of mixed cropping? It also optimizes the management and use of farm resources. Learn more. It provides work to all the members of a family throughout the year, thus providing subsidiary occupation without the need of employing special labour. Poultry fowl suffer from a variety of diseases caused by virus (Dermitis), bacteria (Tuberculosis), fungi (Aspergillosis), parasites like worms, mites as well as from nutritional deficiencies. Improves soil fertility and enhances its chemical and physical properties. It stays in the given beehive for longer periods and breeds very well. Soil health can be maintained by organic farming. This program will offer specific and tailored support for your farm business, among a cohort of farmer … Name one oil yielding plant. Enlist the methods employed to control weeds. Question 13. This system is used in areas where canal flow is insufficient or irregular due to inadequate reservoir release.