taco seasoning over meat. Sounds amazing, Kevin! I make this in batches, and it’s used up way before it ever starts to clump or cake or anything. Use in a recipe or add to a glass jar to store. Plus you can use it on SO MUCH MORE THAN JUST TACOS! Thank you! We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Add a bit of cayenne to the mix and rock on with your bad self. Stir to mix and cook in a saucepan on medium heat, until brown and cooked through. That’s a HUGE compliment! I use this every other week even when I’m not doing Whole30. A healthy homemade Paleo and keto taco seasoning that’s so easy to make, free from starch, preservatives or sugar. Clean eating comfort food is our passion! It is a learning curve to figure out how much to use since it is like 10X the spice factor. Make my own! This is awesome – I always love hearing how something so seemingly simple like my family’s go-to taco seasoning makes such a difference in other’s lives. thanks for the recipe! And you’re right about knowing what you’re getting. Whole30 taco seasoning that is fresh, easy, economical and without the starch, sugar or additives (no MSG) found in store-bought taco seasoning packets.. On a 1 to 10 scale, about how spicy would you say this baseline recipe is? Awesome! Such as preservatives to keep it from caking or what have you. This is my GO TO taco seasoning. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Add 2-3 Tbsp. Aw, thank you! I have High blood pressure, so watching how much sodium I put into the blend helps me enjoy Tacos and Taco flavored things, without the worry of 10,000 mg of sodium in a pre-made packet ; It’s much healthier and cheaper than buying store bought packaged seasoning. I used the juices from the veggies, instead of adding water, to soak up the seasoning. It was also super easy to put together, Thanks! Love this recipe. Delicious recipes from pantry and freezer staples. Husband and I both liked it. My husband said it was the best! Since I had more ingredients, I added an extra 1 Tbsp to the mixture. Super delicious and adaptable for the various taste in your families. People throw around the word “hero” pretty loosely these days, but I gotta say, that cape looks good on you. Mix! You may opt-out at any time. Yes! I love this recipe. I think chili powder can vary widely in its degree of hotness. Happy to do so myself, though. Thanks! Add a bit more chili if you prefer things on the hot side, or more oregano if you prefer a herbier taco seasoning. Hey – you’ve made it this far, and now we’re best friends! I coated 1lb of shrimp with 1.5T of taco seasoning & sauteed them using Kelly Leveque’s shrimp taco recipe. really love this recipe for taco seasoning! Whole30 Taco Seasoning. Here you'll find mostly Whole30, Paleo, and Low Carb recipes, with a little food freedom, too! And be sure to stay in touch on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram for all of the latest updates. meals, and I'm passionate about whole foods. Please give it a star rating below!★. It’s a blend of spices including chili powder, cumin, oregano, coriander, garlic, allspice and cloves. balanced living. It’s our pleasure to share delicious, real food recipes for all to enjoy . Kudos, Ma’am!! Made the taco seasoning and am so excited to try it tomorrow with family! Love this – thanks for sharing! Sign up to get your FREE recipe eBook + weekly newsletter! I made this because I was craved a taco salad. Use a spatula to break up the meat as it cooks. I cannot believe how similar they tasted! However, I will say this. Please do not use our photos without prior written permission. I hope y’all don’t mind if I (did) put a pinch of Saigon cinnamon in the mix and smoked paprika (it was all I had in the pantry)?? BooYah! Thanks for such a great recipe. Jessica is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist living in Boulder, CO with her hubby and two daughters. Keto Taco Seasoning, Paleo Taco Seasoning, Sugar-Free Taco Seasoning, Whole30 Taco Seasoning. So thrilled you loved this easy one! I don’t like spicy food and I’m looking to make my own mild taco seasoning. Make a big batch and store with all your herbs and spices as you’ll be reaching for this one often!. But now that I see this post… I’ll be ordering all the spices next round of groceries. Healthy Taco Seasoning is Whole30, paleo, gluten free and SO much better than store bought packets! Your email address will not be published. I don’t mind if the meat isn’t spicy because I’m obsessed with hot sauce and salsa. She's been described as a 'real food evangelist' and loves sharing her knowledge with others to help them break free of the diet mentality and find their own food freedom. Great recipe! You’ll keep this homemade Whole30 and Keto friendly Taco Seasoning in your pantry 24/7/365! All Rights Reserved. These spices where delicious in our vegan taco. Cheryl Malik is the recipe developer, writer, and photographer behind the healthy, flavorful, family friendly recipes at 40 Aprons. Required fields are marked *. I used this spice mix with ground turkey. Thank you. Arrowroot powder is a Whole30 compliant thickener that is also paleo-friendly. The ingredients in this recipe are very simple: Chili Powder, Cumin, Garlic Powder, Onion Powder, Oregano, Salt, and Pepper. Make a large batch and store in a glass container with a lid. It’s a great way to add flavor to soups and stews too. ★☆ True Elimination is WORTH IT. I buy all the store bought convenience items like Whole30 mayo and Whole30 ketchup, because.. well, it’s much easier than making my own. Thank you! LOVE LOVE this . Your email address will not be published. This seasoning mix is mild. In the US it appears that most ‘chili powders’ are a combination of chilis and cumin – likely more mild chili than hot since most of them are very mild. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Baked Pork Loin & Mini Hasselback Potatoes, Chicken, Bacon & Ranch Stuffed Spaghetti Squash, Easy Bacon Wrapped Asparagus – Whole30, Low Carb, The Best Buffalo Sauce Ever – Whole30, Keto, Simple Dutch Oven Roasted Chicken – Whole30, Spicy Chicken Fajita Salad – Whole30, Keto, Easy Watermelon Mocktail – Non-Alcoholic, Whole30. Hmmm, probably the brand of chili powder you used. Always check the labels of the spices you purchase to make sure they are gluten-free and no additives. Porter Road Review – Quality, Products and Price! Using Siete grain-free taco shells. And check out the other recipes. (Will last about 6 months). https://www.thespruce.com/what-is-chili-powder-995615, Honey Whipped Goat Cheese with Pomegranate, Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies with Chocolate Chips. Simply mix all of the ingredients together and store in an airtight container until it is ready to use. i am making it with beans lettuce tomatoes and avocados and vegan sour cream. Everyone requested that we put it in our regular rotation. Advanced Member; Members; 2 Notice this taco seasoning recipe is sugar free and also free of sugar substitutes, which is why this recipe is both Keto and Whole30 friendly. A DIY taco seasoning that’s no-fuss and free of fillers, preservatives and sugar. Chili powder flavor and intensity can mean very different things throughout the world. Enjoy! ), use it to flavor up Instant Pot Tortilla Soup. I made this spice mix for nachos, which I’ve never made before. I used on just about everything. You know you can always find something here. I used Ground chicken and it turned out Great! Thanks! I did not add the cayenne pepper but followed the other directions. Naturally Whole30, paleo, and vegan. Thanks so much for sharing. Store in an airtight glass container with a lid. I made a note to drastically reduce the amount of that batch when using it in recipes and that seemed to help. I like to have it handy pre-made in a jar, so I did the conversions. It’s so simple, I always have everything on hand and I love that I can make it once and there will be enough left over for the next time I make tacos! (Will last about 6 months). I used only 1/8 t of cayenne and it still had a nice kick to it. That is so great to hear you and your husband loved this recipe.