Wolford Mountain. Download Waypoint (GPX) Nearby. The sustem is easy to access and includes a new trailhead/staging area. This popular trail system on both sides of the town of Yampa offers great access to many of the lakes in th earea. These challenging singletrack trails provide a solid amount of fun with steep climbs, switchbacks, and other challening terrain. This advanced singletrack trail requires expert bike handling skills to negotiate the major stream crossings and the numerous extremely difficult rocky sections. The area contains over 100 miles of double-track ATV trails and roads suitable for beginning to advanced riders. During our stay there was a lot of rain which made the road REALLY muddy and the mosquitos were out in full force. Be warned! With great camping along the way, this moderate trail provides great views of the San Isabel and Rio Grande National Forests. Thunder Valley Motocross Park and Aztec Family Raceway for instance are great if you’re into the racing scene, though this list is dedicated towards casual riding enthusiasts. Containing a large mix of trails for all vehicle types, this area has something to offer all skill levels as well. Please note that these routes include high exposure/'cliff edge' sections with minimal turnouts. Like. Riding Wolford Mountain Dennis(ktm500) and I (xr400) riding Wolford Mountain OHV in Kremmling, CO. Beautiful day, great terrain, and he got to ride his new KTM 500. Free and open year round, the North Sand Hills is the only sand OHV area in the state and provides diverse opportunities for off-highway enthusists. With miles of nearby trails for all types of vehicles, there is never a shortage of places to explore with your friends and family. Try the area early or late in the season when the snow and wet conditions can add to the difficulty if you desire a challenge. Looking for more adventures? To get here, you’ll need to get inside the San Isabel National Forest by either riding your dirt bike in directly or carting it with a trailer. Trailhead near Kremmling. Be prepared to yield to mountain bikers on the Wyoming Trail. Roads east of the dunes allow access to trails on state and Forest Service land. Old Flowers Road is a scenic route located close to Fort Collins. Sat, Jun 20, 2020, 10:00 AM: Taking a ride up to the Wolford Mountain OHV area north of Kremmling this Saturday. As the northern portion of the 9,700 acre Flat top-Peach Valley Recreation area, this popular riding location offers many opportunites for riders of all ability levels. Due to heavy snow, this area is closed for much of winter and generally opens up again in late April or early May. With old mines and mills along the way, as well as scenic views over the alpine environment, this is a great summer trail. Open annually from November 1 to April 9. City of Leadville: Posted routes by licensed operators. This place is mostly visited by keen adventure riders and dual-sport enthusiasts as opposed to dirt bike riders, but worht the visit. It’s little wonder why so many adventure motorcyclists and dual-sport riders also make a trip over here, even from the other side of the country! Located northwest of Maybell, Sand Wash Basin is one of the only OHV areas in Northwestern Colorado. The perfect setting for your unforgettable summer experience with family and friends, Wolford Campground & Marina offers access to endless activities and interests with everything to … Heading north then west from the trailhead provides a challenging climb to the top of Storm Mountain. Comprising 5 popular interconnected trails, North Fruita Desert contains a mix of single and double tracks ranging in difficulty. There’s nothing worse than sitting at home with the dirt bike in the garage and not being sure where to go for a spin. Extreme rock crawling routes provide a challenge for 4x4 enthusiasts. The Del Norte trail system stretches southwest out of town connecting with many great ATV and singletrack trails. The climb to the abandoned fire lookout at the summit is over a wide track covered in loose lava rock. Also known as Corona Pass Road, this trail winds up to the Continental Divide just east of Winter Park. That is – if you can find an open area. Once past the hill or its alternate, the two-track road flattens out and provides for many scenic views. In we conditions, protions of this trail can become quite challenging. With well over 20 miles of interconnecting singletrack trails in this section of the recreation area, you can explore all day or all weekend. Primarily ATV and singletrack trails, the Groundhog Park area offers a mix of more advanced riding opportunities. Also offereing many differet trails to explore, this area is a great playground in western Colorado. Click the appropriate button below to order yours! The Main Draw OHV Area, a sandy shallow canyon within Pawnee National Grassland, offers off-season riding close to Fort Collins and Greeley. Get Here. The Flat Tops area is a system of designated primitive forest roads that are accessible to all types of OHVs including side-by-sides. 6. This trail system accessed from Tiger Road near Breckenridge has several trail opportunites for all vehicle types. Explore nearby trails such as Wolford Reservoir Trail, Muddy Creek Fishing Trail (ideal for anglers looking to catch salmon and trout) and Wolford Mountain Trail. Much of the stuff out here is tighter forest tracks. Nearby 'Green Creek' and 'Pass Creek' singletracl trails and the CDT can also be accessed from here and are open to motorcycles only. The roads surrounding Argentine Pass are rocky and sometimes very narrow. Some riders are literally on the trails every weekend and discovering a new place where they haven’t visited yet. Carnage Canyon provides an extreme rock crawing challenge for only the most capable rigs & experienced drivers. Old Flowers Road starts with an easy dirt road that winds through the foothills. Dennis(ktm500) and I (xr400) riding Wolford Mountain OHV in Kremmling, CO. Beautiful day, great terrain, and he got to ride his new KTM 500. That’s why we’re here! Open riding area north of I-70 in Grand Junction. ATV’s are also welcome here and there are miles of formed single and double tracks worth exploring. That’s one of the best parts about this state – so many great spots! Providing trails that range in difficulty as they climb into the mountains, this is one of the best places in southern Colorado to get in a long, scenic ride. Lake County: All county roads by licensed operators. This trail system is currently being developed and will add additional trail opportunities to the existing Wagon Wheel OHV System. The northern part of the extensive Uncompahgre trail system provides access into the Uncompahgre National Forest. There are numerous places to camp along Middle Mountain Road, and trail opportunities for all types of OHVs. Located just off of I-70 west of Vail, Bocco Mountain offers spectacular views and challenging riding for those who are looking for it. Areas to explore include the breathtaking Saint Marys Glacier and Chinns Lake. Crooked Creek, accessible out of Eagle, is another beautiful Colorado mountain pass. Wolford Mountain area offers a breadth of outdoor adventures, from hiking, mountain biking and horseback riding in the summer to hunting in the fall and snowshoeing and snowmobiling in the winter. Although the majority of the area is gentle enough for less expereiced riders, there are some challengin areas to explore. 21.9 MB. The Middle Saint Vrain and Coney Creek trails are challenging 4WD routs located close to the Denver metro area and on the edge of the Indian Peaks Wilderness. With slow, raceful maneuvering, this trail can be run in stock high clearance vehicles. Experience negotiating large rocks is essential. Deadman Road is a county road and is strictly off-limits to unlicensed, non-street-legal vehicles. The southwestern trails are mostly intermediate with a few moderately difficut sections. Recreation area southwest of Grand Junction, near the Colorado National Monument. Chinamens Gulch provides a tamer, yet still challenging trail opportunity for both OHV riders and drivers of high clearance 4WD vehicles. Most of the singletrack trails west of town are highly technical rides generally above treeline. Unfortunately, we don’t feel that it’s the best as it gets quite crowded here on summer weekends when the sun is shining. The nearby Ellis Jeep Trail (Red Park Road) is close to 14 miles long and has a number of wet sections so plan for a full day. This area is rich in mining history and has a large number of Colorado's famous 14,000 foot peaks nearby. Second reason to come to … Continue reading Wolford Mountain OHV Area Day Ride / Scouting Trip → The views here of the snow-capped mountains are incredible.